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Test the latest browser features Test the latest browser features

Why do we offer Opera Developer?

We have a lot of ideas, from brand-new innovative features to small quality of life improvements, and each one needs to be tested in multiple stages. Most of this happens behind the scenes, but once they’re ready, we make these experiments available to the public to not only test them in the real world, but to get useful feedback from our users.

This is the Opera developer stream, where you get to see the latest changes as they’re being worked on. It’s a great way for us to collaborate with users, and allows us to refine new features to public expectations and needs.

Then, after the ideas have been fully tested and polished, we release the best ones in the stable version of Opera Browser that millions use on a daily basis. To read all about the latest additions in Opera Developer, visit the Desktop team’s blog.

Advanced user? Experiment with Opera developer

Opera Developer is the earliest roll-out of our browser innovations, and not all of the experiments will make it to the stable version of Opera Browser. Please keep in mind that, because the new features in Opera Developer are being tested, they are sometimes unstable and can crash your browser. Test with caution! Opera Developer is only for advanced users, developers, or those who enjoy living on the edge.

Want the final version? Download the latest release.

If you’re not feeling that adventurous and prefer stability over experimenting, your best choice for day-to-day browsing is the stable Opera Browser. The latest version is always available for download on the Opera homepage. If you’re already using Opera Browser, it’ll automatically update to the newest version as it becomes available.

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Ready to experiment? Ready to experiment?