What’s new in Opera Dragonfly

Advanced search throughout

Search has been thoroughly upgraded in Opera Dragonfly. A new search panel in the JavaScript Debugger and DOM Inspector gives you a whole lot of new options. Search the DOM via CSS queries or XPath expressions, use regular expressions, ignore case, or search across all loaded JavaScript files. It’s never been easier to find what you want.

Style Inspector — Smarter and ready for business

Debugging pseudo-classes and elements used to be a bit of a mystery. With Opera Dragonfly, you’re in control, with full support now added to the Style Inspector. SVG fans will be happy to see that presentational attributes now also show up, allowing you to use the same set of tools that have been available for CSS.

Console — Empowered

A new full-panel mode complements the existing quick-fire Console HUD. Auto-complete has been enhanced to include built-ins, and objects can now be expanded directly in the Console. Command Line ninjas will now feel right at home.

Error Log — Reloaded

Out with the old, in with the new — the Error Log has been reimagined with a new streamlined UI. There is tighter integration with other tools, and a new filter field lets you quickly find the errors you’re interested in. You can even backtrack through errors that occurred before Opera Dragonfly was launched (Opera 12 required).

Measured pixels

A new 2D screen ruler allows you to zoom in and measure your layouts and designs right down to pixel-level detail.


Many other refinements and tweaks have been made in this Opera Dragonfly version.

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