Opera Dragonfly documentation

Appendix C: Development

Opera Dragonfly on GitHub

Opera Dragonfly is an open source project. You can find the complete code that powers our advanced debugging tools over on the Opera Dragonfly repository on GitHub. If you have suggestions for new features, or simply want to report a bug, please feel free to open a new issue there.

Any patch submitted to Opera Dragonfly must follow the Opera Dragonfly style guide to be accepted.

Code repository

The code for Opera Dragonfly and associated tools can be found on Opera Software's account on Github. This includes:

The Opera Dragonfly repository has three main branches: master, cutting-edge and bugfixes. The HEAD of master will always match the current stable release of Opera Dragonfly at https://dragonfly.opera.com/app/, while the HEAD of cutting-edge matches https://dragonfly.opera.com/app/cutting-edge/. Note that there is no experimental branch – these builds are generated separately, in a temporary repo, as they're often focused on simply testing a particular new feature.

Documentation for the Scope protocol that powers Opera Dragonfly's local and remote debugging services can be found in the Scope Interface documentation on BitBucket


Opera Dragonfly and the Scope specification are released under the Apache 2.0 open source license.