Opera GX Village Contest Special Rules

These Special Rules supplement and amend the Opera General Rules for contests (the "General Rules"). In the event of a conflict between the Special Rules and the General Rules, the Special Rules will control.

  1. By participating in the contest, you should
    1. Be over 18 years old
    2. You must have a Twitter account
    3. Submit your original creative idea using your Twitter account and tagging the idea with both @operagxofficial and #operagxvillage hashtags.
    4. Reside the following jurisdictions : Europe (excluding Russia), Africa, North America and Latin America. The contest is not available to participants in Asia and Oceania.
  2. By entering into the contest, you agree to allow Opera and its Affiliates the right to use, copy, quote, adapt, and publish your entry in any way, including on our social media channels and websites, without any payment.
  3. The contest will last from April 12th to April 24th 2022 (the "Contest Period").
  4. The prize of the contest is a return flight to Barcelona (economy class with a maximum cost contribution by Opera of $2,500); 2 nights stay in Andorra for two people in a rented property with 3 meals included (maximum cost contribution $320); transfer from the airport/train station to the rented property.
  5. The Winner will be selected and notified directly by the Opera GX team (The Jury's) after the Contest Period is over and will be announced by 31 April 2022.
  6. By entering into this contest, you agree to all the terms and conditions as set out by Twitter related to your Twitter account.