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Opera GX Village is the first housing development that will be built from the ground up with your very specific lifestyle in mind. Located in beautiful Andorra, our exclusive gated community will have everything you need—including high-speed internet access, top-of-the-line setups in every room, round the clock amenities and some of the lowest taxes in the world. Gamers, welcome home.



This will be your home, so you should be able to make it your own. That’s why each pre-construction unit is fully customizable to your exact specifications, from the doorbell chime to the décor.



We know what gamers want: peace, quiet, and to be able to keep all that cash they earn from streaming, endorsements and donations. At Opera GX Village, you can finally have it all.



It may be secluded, but you’ll never lose your connection to the outside world with ultra high-speed internet access, 24-hour in-room food delivery, and full setups in every bathroom.



We know you hate leaving your setup, so we're turning the entire house into one. We’ve done away with boring old furniture and replaced it all with high-end gaming chairs and desks.


Would you like to visit Opera GX Village IRL? Tell us why you should be our very first resident and you can win an all-expense-paid trip for two to spend a weekend at our prototype home in Andorra, from May 6 to May 8, 2022.
See our terms and conditions for further details.

How to apply

Simply share a video, image or text on Twitter telling us why your gaming background makes you the perfect first resident, tagging @operagxofficial and #operagxvillage. The most creative entry will win.

The contest will last from April 12 to April 24, 2022.

To get inspired, see some of the other applicants here:

About Opera GX

Opera GX is the first browser made just for gamers, so you can feel at home every time you go online. Discover your own little patch of internet heaven with no lag and all the industry info you want, as well as unique features like CPU, RAM and Network limiters to give you the best of both gaming and browsing. GX also comes with Twitch & Discord built right into the sidebar so you can always stay connected with what you love, plus custom themes that can match any setup. This is a gamer’s paradise.

Opera GX Village
Opera GX Village
Opera GX Village