Mod Jam

Create a Mod. Claim your crown. Show off your skills and creativity, and win prizes!

Browser Mod Jam
JAM starts in:
Prize pool:
$50,000 $50,000
16 x $1500

Places from 2nd to 5th - 1500$ in each of 4 categories!

4x $5000

The winner of each category will receive 5000$

4 x $1500

Audience decides who should be rewarded in each category!

Theme reveal:



Mods let you completely transform Opera GX, combining totally unique looks, sounds and shaders to create themes for different interests and moods. You can cycle through our pre-made Mods to start with, build on them, or make your own from scratch—it's your call. Choose your own adventure!

May 10th, 2023

Theme revealed

May 23rd, 2023

Submissions open

May 26th, 2023

Submissions close

June 9th, 2023

Results revealed

What Mods can you submit?

You can submit as many mods as you want in one of the four categories:


Visual effects applied to the entire browser screen


Background music, keyboard music, browser sounds


Static and animated wallpapers for dark and light mode

Live Wallpapers

Interactive wallpapers made with GameMaker


This Mod includes visual effects applied to the browser

Coming May 10th


This Mod includes music and sounds for browser interactions

Coming May 10th

Date w/ Aura

This Mod includes wallpaper for dark and light mode

Coming May 10th

Lofi chill

This Mod includes live wallpaper

Coming May 11th

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By participating in the Browser Mod Jam, you agree to the following terms:

  • Your Mods must adhere to the theme, which will be revealed on May 10th, 2023.
  • Mods must be uploaded to the before May 26th, 2023.
  • Live Wallpapers must be uploaded to with an appropriate “Browser mod jam” tag.
  • Submitted Mods must be 100% made and owned by you.
  • Mods using licensed characters, music or visuals will not be accepted.
  • Mods with themes of illegal activities, racism, sexism, homophobia or other forms of bullying will not be accepted.

Read the full rules here

Guidelines for creating Mods Guidelines for creating Mods
  • Make sure you have the newest version of Opera GX installed
  • Enable Early Bird in your browser settings
  • Remember to optimize your resources to limit download size.
  • Keep audio files in mp3 format, joint stereo, variable bitrate 145-180kbps.
  • Visit our GitHub page for additional resources.
  • Provide at least one, perfectly looped music track.
  • If possible, use vertical remixing to achieve a dynamic music effect.
  • Follow volume of music from Mod_Template.
Browser Sounds
  • Provide sounds for all categories. If possible, have more than one sound for each type, varying pitch/volume, etc.
  • Be mindful of sounds that are played more frequently. Opening and closing tabs, clicks, and hovers will be heard often. Make sure it's an enjoyable experience!
  • Sounds need to be short and start immediately to feel responsive. Make sure there's no silence at the beginning of your sample.
  • Follow volume of browser sounds from Mod_Template.
Keyboard Sounds
  • Provide sounds for ENTER, BACKSPACE, SPACE, and other keys.
  • If possible, have more than one sound for each type, varying pitch/volume, etc.
  • Make sure that the typing sound is enjoyable.
  • Sounds need to be short and start immediately to feel responsive. Make sure there's no silence at the beginning.
  • Follow volume of keyboard sounds from Mod_Template.
  • Optimize your shaders to use as little GPU as possible.
  • If you create an animated shader, make sure to limit the framerate as much as possible to avoid excess GPU usage. For example, a clock that changes display every second doesn't need to run at 60fps.
  • Use as few uniforms as possible.
  • Don't use iMouse uniform unless you need it - it has performance implications.
  • Consider including a non-animated version of the shader to limit GPU usage (Mods can include more than one shader).
  • Provide light and dark versions. If a wallpaper is included, make sure it creates an enjoyable composition.
  • Note that extremely light or dark colors are not available. It's recommended that you use the built-in color picker.
  • Minimal resolution: 1920x1080.
  • Keep images in JPG format to limit the size of the Mod.
  • Provide light and dark versions.
  • Be mindful of content that is shown over the wallpaper. Ensure that it's not distracting.
  • Move key objects to the sides so that they're not covered by content. Consider lower resolutions and different aspect ratios.
  • Pick color and shadow color (for light and dark themes) for elements displayed on the start page.
  • For animated wallpapers, please stick with a maximum 1920x1080 resolution; otherwise, it might be too resource-hungry. Keep them short and perfectly looped to keep Mod size under control.
Live Wallpaper Icon
  • To keep it future ready, provide a 512x512 PNG format.


How do I participate in the Browser Mod Jam?

Upload Mods to the during the open submission period (May 23rd - May 26th, 2023).

How do I upload my Mods?

Start by creating an Opera account. After making your Mod, create a folder locally and generate a manifest.json file. Do all the configuration you want for the Mod, as per our GitHub page.

Once you are ready to upload, zip the folder with your Mod, and upload it to

From there, go to Mods and click ‘Create New Mod’. Select the zip file with your Mod and click ‘Continue’. Note that this will fetch the metadata from the manifest.json - make sure the file is valid and contains all the required data.

When the Mod is successfully uploaded, you will be taken to the Mod details page, where you can test your Mod and fill its description.

How do I upload Live Wallpapers to

To upload your Live Wallpaper, open GameMaker and choose your game project. Select the Opera GX target and start the upload process. Then go to DevCloud to edit your wallpaper’s details and publish it. On the wallpaper metadata page, select the Browser Mod Jam from the event drop down, select any applicable tags, click save, and your wallpaper will be entered into the competition.

When will the theme be revealed?

The theme will be revealed on May 10th.

When can I submit my Mods?

You can submit your Mods during the open submission period from May 23rd, 2023 until May 26th, 2023.

Can I work on my Mods before the submissions open on May 23, 2023?

Your Mods can be created and worked on before the submission period opens, but not before the theme is revealed on May 10th, 2023.

Can I participate if I'm under the age of 18?

As we have a monetary prize for this competition, contestants need to be the age of majority in their country.

What type of Mods can I upload?

You can upload a modpack containing some of the following: sound effects (keyboard and browser sounds or evolving background music), regular and live wallpapers, theme, shaders or a modpack containing all or some of the above.

You are NOT allowed to upload:

  • Any Mods that infringe on existing intellectual property
  • Any Mods containing content and/or assets that you do not have rights to use
  • Mods with themes deemed inappropriate for minors, such as drug use, sexual themes, brutal violence, disturbing visuals, etc.
  • Mods with themes that include racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, religious prejudice, or other forms of hate

How many Mods can I upload?

As many as you would like. Multiple entries are allowed.

Can I upload Mods into multiple categories?

No, you can participate in only one category, but you can upload multiple Mods into it.

Do I still own the rights to my Mods after I upload?

Yes. The legal ownership of Mods remains in the hands of the submitting party.

How do I make Mods for Opera GX?

It's very easy - just follow this guide or tutorial video!