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Most times, raging is meant for the memes. But how far is too far? We’ve all seen the downsides to raging in gaming: harmful behavior, anger, frustration, at ourselves and at others. Sometimes, it can get the better of us. Worst of all, it can make us like the games we love, a lot less. But there are ways we can help ourselves cool down, without hitting quit. Join us for a discussion around game-related stresses, whether you need support or just want to share your voice. No judgement here.

Dr. K
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Harvard-trained psychiatrist, lifelong gamer, recovered gaming addict, and co-founder of Healthy Gamer

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YouTuber, commentator, Twitch streamer, who has received widespread attention and acclaim for his YouTube videos which revolves around dry humor.

Watch Dr. K and Cr1TiKaL discuss gamer rage Opera GX

Takeaways from Dr. K and Cr1TiKaL for understanding and dealing with gamer rage

Where does gamer rage come from?

Most people who rage, only do so because they had expectations that were not met–by themselves, by their teammates, by the game itself. They’re disappointed, they react, it typically bubbles over. But it gets trickier to manage when players who rage feel justified in their reactions: They won’t accept blame, and instead pass it on to others. They edit the facts to support their narratives.

Understanding what emotions drive our rage, identifying triggers and examining our own behavior are all good starting points. It’s a matter of mindset; whether you treat every game as an opportunity to learn, or actively look for signs that everyone tried their best and accept that a win just wasn’t on the cards. It takes practice, but with a little patience you can break the cycle.

Try these expert tips to de-escalate and get back into the game the next time you, your teammates or the lobby is getting heated up.

Poking fun only
pokes the bear

When raging, most players believe that everyone and everything is against them. Never try to criticize or poke fun at such a person, even if you’re just trying to use humor to lighten the mood. Instead, try to empathize with them; they’re mad and frustrated for a reason.

Bring their heads
back into the game

Ask the player questions on how you can help them as a team member. Present solutions as a team. Even if they don’t agree with your playstyle, it's good to let them know your ideas are focused on improving the state of the game–for them and for the team.

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