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Privacy & security

Compare Opera vs Firefox on privacy and security. See which browser protects you more against fraud, unwanted tracking and malicious ads while ensuring your privacy online. Select a category for additional details.

Phishing protection

Phishing is a form of hacking aimed at collecting your browser data using malware when you access a website. Opera Browser’s <>Sitecheck solution warns you when a website contains malware. Firefox offers a similar solution.


In both Firefox and Opera Browser, you can choose to autofill addresses, payment data, or passwords. Your data is securely stored in the browser, available only to you, and you can opt-out at any time.

Tracking protection

Both Opera and Firefox browsers enable protection against tracking scripts and third party tracking cookies. This ensures that when you connect to any new site, your browser will send a "do not track" request so that your steps on the web are not tracked.

Cryptomining protection

Opera Browser and Firefox both protect you from crypto mining scripts. With this feature your device is protected from having its resources used for cryptocurrency mining without your consent. Along with safeguarding your device against intrusion, this feature saves your devices processing power, battery-life and speed.

Fingerprinting blocking

Fingerprinting is data-collection used to bypass your privacy and identify you, or your device. The method of data-collection is not specific, so protecting yourself against fingerprinting necessitates security in multiple areas - tracking protection, using a VPN, blocking ads, and caution about what data you make available online.

While Firefox gives you partial protection against browser fingerprinting, the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Cover Your Tracks site shows that the Firefox browser still has a unique fingerprint online.

Free VPN

A VPN is one of the most important privacy features. Opera Browser comes with a free VPN service for Opera users, providing security and privacy when activated. Firefox has an VPN extension that can be downloaded, but it has limited hours of use per month.

Premium VPN

While all security features are important, nothing offers as much protection as a VPN from a trusted provider that offers the use of multiple servers spread across many countries. Both Opera and Firefox web browsers offer a paid VPN service to their users, though Opera VPN Pro lets you protect more devices and access many more VPN servers worldwide. In addition, Opera VPN Pro costs significantly less than Mozilla VPN, with further savings for longer subscriptions.

Built-in Ad blocker

Opera's built-in Ad blocker ensures your browsing isn’t littered with dozens of ads. And when it blocks ads, web pages load faster and you enjoy more protection from malvertising. Firefox also has a built-in adblocker, but most users opt for a separate extension that works better.

Winner Privacy & security:

Winner: Opera

Firefox vs Opera security comparison

When comparing Opera vs Firefox security features, it’s a tie. Although it lacks a specific online fingerprinting blocker, Opera offers additional enhanced tracking protection and ensures your privacy online with a free VPN and built-in Ad blocker.

Both offer VPN solutions for your privacy and security, but when it comes to cost, Opera's secure web browser wins out with a built-in VPN option that takes care of your online privacy during your browsing sessions completely for free. With either Opera Browser or Mozilla Firefox, you can enjoy an ad-free web without wasting resources loading unnecessary images or videos.


Here’s how Opera Browser and Firefox compare in terms of productivity features. These are the unique features that make your browsing experience smooth and efficient, and make it easier to work across devices.

Data synchronization

Most people switch between devices regularly, making data-synchronization (bookmarks, browsing history, tabs) an absolute must-have for efficient work. Both Opera and Firefox web browsers offer this functionality. You can log into your Opera account on your other computer's Opera browser, or mobile versions on another device, and your browser data will be securely synced between them.

Video Pop-out

Watch a video in the background while working in another tab. Opera’s Video Pop-out feature and Firefox’s picture-in-picture functionality enable this. The minimized and detached video stays on top as you move to a new tab page, and you can scale it or move it so that it doesn't obscure what you’re doing

Search in tabs

Have a lot of tabs open at once? Not a problem! Opera and Firefox both offer searching in tabs for even more efficient information retrieval whenever you need it. Instead of clicking through all your open tabs, you can search by keyword to find the tab you want.

On top of this, Opera takes tab management a step further with a duplicate tab highlighter for easy reference, and the ability to close all the duplicates with one click.

File sharing

Flow is Opera's custom feature that allows you to securely send attachments (notes, files, images, links) between devices, including your mobile phone. All you have to do is scan the QR code to connect your desktop browser to your mobile version. Anything you send between devices with the Flow feature is encrypted for privacy and security, and is immediately available in your other device’s Opera Browser. Mozilla Firefox used to have a similar feature, but it was discontinued in 2020.

Unit converters

Unlike Mozilla Firefox, Opera has currency, measurement, and time-zone converters built right into the browser. Just highlight a currency, time or unit of measurement on any webpage. The unfamiliar numbers will be converted automatically and displayed in a small popup.

Battery saver

When browsing on a laptop with no way to plug it in, saving battery life is a great advantage - especially when you need your device for work. Opera Browser’s Battery Saver feature extends your battery life by up to 35% without sacrificing performance. Firefox does not have such a feature.

Tab grouping

Do you keep a lot of tabs open at the same time? Opera Browser allows you to group them into separate workspaces so you can organize them by context, like work, shopping, gaming - whatever you want. With one click, you can switch between these groups to keep related tabs together and deal with less at one time. Firefox does not have a workspaces feature, but similar addons can be downloaded for it.

Winner Productivity:

Winner: Opera

Firefox browser vs Opera Browser productivity features

When it comes to productivity and the features that support it, Opera Browser definitively outclasses Firefox. Opera’s original solutions and new features allow you to work faster and more efficiently by automating and smoothing background processes, as well as let you switch between tasks, contexts or devices seamlessly.

If you use your computer for more than one thing at a time, Opera Browser ensures your device runs faster, so you can work smoothly without waiting, searching or juggling tabs. And if you want additional unique features, Opera Browser is Chromium based, meaning you can add any Chrome extensions you want.

Personalization & Content

You don't use your browser exclusively for work. Here’s what Opera and Firefox offer in terms of customization and entertainment to make experiencing the internet even more personal, and take you beyond simply browsing.

Search engine options

Choose the default search engine for your address bar that suits you best, and switch between search engines as needed. It’s a simple but crucial feature that allows you to customize how you experience the web. Available both in Opera and Firefox browsers.

Themes & wallpapers

Make your browser truly personal. Both Firefox and Opera provide endless options for making your browser your own, like themes, wallpapers, and start page speed dial options that give you a clean interface. Additionally, Opera's interface has a customizable sidebar that gives you immediate access to Workspaces, messaging apps, a music player, and other essential features.

Crypto Wallet

Opera's secure web browser is paving the way for Web3 standards. A unique feature that no other browser has yet, the integrated Opera Wallet lets you securely access and store your cryptocurrencies, tokens, and collectibles.

Integrated messengers

Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram - Opera has integrated the most popular messengers into its sidebar for easy access in your browser. This allows you to chat with your friends directly from the browser window - you don't have to drop what you're doing at the moment, just select the appropriate icon from the sidebar. Mozilla Firefox does not include this feature.

Integrated social media

Instagram, Twitter, TikTok? Use your favorite social media without switching apps or windows. In a convenient slide-out panel in Opera Browser’s sidebar, you can scroll through your favorite photos and videos without closing the tab you're currently working on or juggling different apps.

Music Player

The world of music is at your fingertips without opening another app. Just flip the Player switch on the Opera Browser sidebar and play your favorite music from the most popular streaming services, like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Deezer and Tidal, directly in your browser. Firefox does not have this feature.

Winner Personalization & Content:

Winner: Opera

Mozilla Firefox vs Opera personalization & content

In customization and content, Opera's personal browser wins out decisively in a Mozilla Firefox comparison. Not only does Opera offer more freedom of customization for your user interface, but it also integrates a useful amount of entertainment that can be accessed directly from your browser window - without having to install additional applications.

Importantly, additional options such as Player or instant messaging directly from your sidebar don’t take up extra space or eat up more of your computer's resources, because they are based on proven solutions from the companies that supply these products to the market. Properly adapted in a secure web browser, they don't make your device run slower, and yet you can enjoy the advantages they bring.

Opera or Firefox?

Here's the take from experts


"Both are simple and easy to use, but Opera’s wider range of tools keeps things more streamlined than in Firefox."

Cloudwards Max Pitchkites


"Privacy mavens like to use virtual private networks, better known as VPNs, to hide browsing activities from ISPs and any other intervening entities between you and the site you’re visiting. Opera is the only browser that includes a built-in VPN (Firefox offers one at extra cost)."

PCMag Michael Muchmore

Browser How

"Having a native ad blocker is always a good option rather than being dependent on an add-on or going for an indirect approach of blocking trackers for stopping the ads. So Opera manages to outdo Firefox in this domain."

Browser How Sadique H

Opera vs. Firefox

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“Firefox's tab system has always slowed down my computer. I haven't looked into how your system handles memory, because I don't have time, but I like that Opera doesn’t use up system resources!”

Opera user from United Kingdom

“I just switched to Opera from Firefox and it’s a really nice and refreshing browsing experience. Super clean.”

Opera user from Poland

“Good browser. Been using it for a year or so after Firefox stopped working. No problems. Smooth and fast. I especially like the Speed Dials with the suggested articles and the built in VPN.”

Opera user from The United States

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Opera's free VPN, Ad blocker, and Flow file sharing. Just a few of the must-have features built into Opera for faster, smoother and distraction-free browsing designed to improve your online experience.

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