How Opera protects you

You have the absolute right to privacy and security online. Opera's secure private browser is built to protect you, and your data, first and foremost. See below how we help you browse privately and securely, and avoid being tracked.

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How Opera protects you
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With Opera, your privacy and security come first - 图像

With Opera, your privacy and security come first

浏览速度更快 - 广告拦截程序 免费 VPN


Opera’s ad blocker doesn’t just remove irritations and distractions online. If you’re on a limited data plan, ad blocker can save you a great amount of your mobile data. Slow page loading, even in the best private browser, is often the result of ads and the analytics code that accompanies them, so blocking them has a noticeable result. Most importantly, Opera’s ad blocker also stops the increasing number of malicious ads that can harm both your computer and your data security.



The tracker blocker in Opera does exactly that. Block online trackers like analytic scripts, tracking pixels and other methods of data collection. Like Opera’s ad blocker, the tracker blocker helps pages load faster, saves your mobile data and further protects you from malicious code. Beyond that, tracking protection simply guards your privacy because your personal data should not be given away or used, especially without your consent.


隐身浏览 Tracker blocker
Browse securely 免费 VPN

Browse securely

A secure browser VPN may not be necessary at home, but it is definitely recommended for anyone using public Wi-Fi. Connecting to webpages through Opera’s VPN (virtual private network) means that the data sent back and forth is encrypted and routed through a remote server. The encryption helps secure your data from prying eyes, while the remote server disguises your IP address and location for more privacy. No extensions are necessary for a safe browser.


Mac 版 Opera

Opera has easy access points for your privacy and security controls

Get to settings directly from your sidebar to see and tweak all of your security and privacy settings, along with advanced options for your secure browser VPN, ad blocker and tracker blocker.

Easily access your VPN

When Opera’s secure browser VPN is enabled, you can click on the VPN badge at the left end of your address bar for a VPN menu. From there, you can turn your VPN on or off, change virtual locations and see relevant security information.

Easily access your ad blocker and tracker blocker

Click on the shield icon at the right end of your address bar to access your ad blocker and tracker blocker. There you can turn the features on or off, see relevant security information and quickly access more advanced options.

Use the Easy setup panel for easy access

Go to your Easy setup panel to quickly enable or disable the ad blocker or tracker blocker for a safe browser.

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More ways that Opera protects you

Opera’s trusted and proven security features are built right into our safe browser, so you don’t need to install third-party extensions for general, or enhanced, privacy.



Clutter-free, fast and secure browsing.

免费 VPN

免费 VPN

Secures your internet connection and masks your location.

Tracker blocker

Tracker blocker

Blocks tracking attempts for safe browsing.

Cryptomining protection

Cryptojacking protection

Ad blocker also blocks cryptomining scripts.


Private browser

Deletes your browsing history and data when closed.

Site settings control

Site settings control

Choose what data sites can access and set permissions.

同步数据 Messenger 省电程序 快照 广告拦截程序 Tracker blocker 免费 VPN 您值得拥有更好的浏览器 您值得拥有更好的浏览器


Opera 内置的必备功能包括免费的 VPN、广告拦截功能和 Flow 等等,不一而足,可为您带来更快速、更流畅和无干扰的浏览体验。