25+ years of building Opera

For over 25 years, we've been building the best teams, audiences and online experiences.

25+ years of building Opera 25+ years of building Opera

Since 1995

Opera has been innovating the browser space for over 25 years.

Norwegian HQ

Starting from our Oslo headquarters, we’re continuing to expand globally.

350 Million +

Our active and engaged user base is growing rapidly around the world.

More than browsers

We’re building new audiences in ecommerce, gaming and other areas.

About Opera About Opera

About Opera

We built Opera by bringing together exceptional international teams of developers, coders, researchers, marketeers and support, who are all compelled to build the best online experience on any device, and to build an audience of empowered, enthralled users worldwide. We’re leveraging 25 years of blood, sweat, and product releases at the forefront of building browsers for hundreds of millions of engaged users.
Building experiences Building experiences

Building experiences

Today we’re building audiences across Europe, Africa and Asia with new products, including web browsers for laptop and mobile, interactive AI-driven news platforms, shopping solutions and gaming products. We’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible, as more and more people go online to support and shape their lives. Few are better placed than the teams at Opera to help build this future. We’re building new products, new markets, and new audiences.
Building a way of working Building a way of working

Building a way of working

We work quickly, we have to, to keep up with the tools that people want and need online. We’re agile, because we often have to change direction and shift focus. Because we’re quick and agile we need to make sure people are communicative, clear and brilliantly collaborative. We always have to challenge what has gone before, what is conventional, what has become the norm, because that’s where innovation is. And last but not least, we have to understand and empathize with our users. They need to be at the center of everything we do.
Building teams Building teams

Building teams

Opera people are ambitious, for themselves, their teammates and Opera. We are comfortable in a place that changes... almost daily! We are happy when we’re empowered to get on with things. People are judged on their contribution, not when or how they did it. We know that working fast means messing up occasionally but we’re good with that, because we succeed more than we fail. We keep an independent mind, so we don’t try to be right all the time and we don’t go with the flow, we think... hard... and share the thinking! We LOVE being part of a team, it’s not lip service. Finally, we try really hard to be good human beings.

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Challenging the norm for over 25 years with innovative solutions and products.


Working for Opera users, who are at the center of everything we do.


Empowered to act fast and take ownership of our contributions.


Building new products, new markets, and new audiences - we never settle.

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