We realize that those of you on old operating systems like Windows XP SP1 and older are left without much choice beyond using our Presto-based browser. With security standards on the web changing so much we didn’t want to leave you completely alone (even though we are not updating this product any longer) – we’ve just released an update for Opera 12, the last, stable Presto version.

In order to make your browser, and its mail client, function well on the present-day web, we’ve made a few changes, with a focus on the security aspect. The most important change is the support for ECC cipher suites used in secure connections. Another addition is GCM. Opera 12 now supports the same set of ciphers as other modern browsers. We have seen that many domains are relying on ECC certificates, thus making Opera 12 unable to connect. Similarly most clients using TLS have deprecated RC4 from the list of secure ciphers. We have done the same in this update. There is a setting to turn it back on, in case you need it. Since more servers are supporting TLS 1.2, we have enabled that by default.

Along with the Opera 12 update, we have also decided to update Opera Mail. Recently we were notified of a security issue in the standalone mail client by a security researcher, Zhen Hui Lee from Future Team. This vulnerability may allow code execution on the user’s machine using a carefully crafted message and some specific user interaction. As a company, we are committed to the security of our products, so we took necessary steps to fix this issue.

Those of you who use Opera 12 and Opera Mail should be auto-updated to the latest version soon. Those who prefer offline updates can download the releases of Opera 12 and Opera Mail. You should know that the above-mentioned security issue affects only the Windows version of Opera Mail. Further, as we don’t see a significant number of users of Opera 12 and Opera Mail on non-Windows platforms, we won’t be updating for those.

Finally, even with this security update being issued, we would urge those of you still using Windows XP SP1 and older to upgrade to a newer/supported OS and then to the latest Opera 35. This is essential, since the web is a constantly changing platform and a product not being given any measure of development time cannot stay secure and functional. Today’s websites are also relying on modern technologies and features, which need up-to-date versions of browsers that support them.

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  • Aoyagi

    While I’m grateful for any updates of O12, you might realize that not only “us on old operating systems like Windows XP SP1 and older” prefer O12 over your current product. In fact, the first sentence is quite insulting to all parties involved.

    O12 is still better than any modern browser from many aspects and I’m quite happy using it as my primary browser in Windows 7.

    Edit: Although judging by the advertisement that jumped me after the update (“Download a newer version of Opera for even simpler and faster browsing.”), the company philosophy has changed from “Let’s pack all these useful features into one complex, but efficient single package” to “Let’s not scare Joe Doe with higher features”. Oh well.

    That’s why you won’t see me using Chromium Opera unless I absolutely have to, and even that is probably going to end in the near future due to competition.

  • Emanuele

    Finally, even with this security update being issued, we would urge those of you still using Windows XP SP1 and older to upgrade to a newer/supported OS and then to the latest Opera 35

    OK, so all you’ve to do is stop that abort of Opera 15+ and keep updating the Opera Presto

  • theomni

    I’m curious, is there data showing Opera 12 users being on Windows XP SP1 and older OS? I use Opera 12 on Windows 7 because of the features. Opera 12 has features that Opera Chromium does not have and appears to have no plans to introduce. Useful features seem to be no longer part of the Opera design philosophy, and that is the issue that is limiting my browser choices, not my OS.

  • http://wiidatabase.de/ iCON

    Still the best browser ever made.

  • https://vivaldi.net/unity/profile/chas4/6-blog Chas4

    Any update for Opera Mail on OS X? I do use it for RSS feeds and email

    Also for some years now been trying to get Opera Mail to rebuild the database (last time was an update to Opera 10.50 (when mail was part of Opera)

  • Rick

    The cipher problems began in the fall of *2014*, Opera, but thanks for thinking of us in the winter of 2016, at least.

    And I agree with Aoyagi: The reason many of us are still using Opera 12 is not because we’re sill using XP (I’m not, and I doubt many are). You know the reasons we’re using it. You know.

    • Mithaldu

      > You know the reasons we’re using it. You know.

      Yeah, as happy as i am about this update. I really wonder if there are Opera employees who have even the slightest bit of confusion why lots of people even on Windows 7, 8 and 10 stick with Opera 12.18.

      • DrJon

        Maybe the ones who weren’t confused are Vivaldi employees now? (I have no idea how good their browser is though, or what Opera features it has.)

        • LamiaLove

          It has tabs within tabs so you can browse while you browse.
          Plus customizable search engines.
          Plus side panel.
          Plus customizable GUI (tabs on the right? Check! Address bar on the bottom? Check! Other stuff? Check!).
          Plus the option to hack the GUI and go wild with it (addressbar on the left? Check! 3D effect on tabs? Check! Other crazy stuff? Check!).
          Plus Chrome extensions.
          Plus other stuff.

    • Virbius_OP

      Sorry to be picky, but we haven’t, yet, reached the “winter of 2016”. We are in the winter of 2015, or maybe just the start of spring of 2016.

      As to a new release of Opera v12.x, I’m really glad of this.

      • Rick

        Point taken. I should have said “18 months.”

  • Cqoicebordel

    Only for Windows ?
    Because those issues (TLS, cypher…) are present in other platforms too…

    • Cqoicebordel

      There isn’t even an Opera Mail for Linux !

    • Frenzie

      If you change “windows” to “linux” or “mac” in the query string (that thing Opera/Blink hides) you’ll see it’s available for those platforms as well.

      • Cqoicebordel

        No it’s not. It’s just the download page that appear, but no download.

        • Frenzie

          You’re completely right; I actually thought I noticed that before I submitted that comment!

  • DrJon

    I’m on Windows 7 (x64) and won’t upgrade beyond Opera 12 unless the more recent versions get the features I need. That would specifically include Sessions, Bookmarklets (including checkboxes for Javascript and Java/Plugins), Bookmarks sorted the way I want them (including folders), Password Manager and a couple of other things. I also use Chrome a fair bit as it works better for some web sites, but my Bookmarks live in Opera, as do my Sessions. It’s a pity 12 wasn’t as solid as the earlier versions, it all seems to have gone gradually downhill since about 9. Does anyone know if 12.18 will sneakily downgrade me to one of the 3x versions without asking (12.17 is okay, you just dismiss the dialog offering the downgrade)?

  • Zin

    “We realize that those of you on old operating systems like Windows XP SP1 and older are left without much choice beyond using our Presto-based browser”

    Your statement couldnt be far from what the reality is man….. I’m on win7 x64 and i’ll use Opera 12 over the new one that you stripped of features that everyone liked any day.

    Edit – LISTEN to the requests of the ppl and release the source code of Opera 12 on GitHub if you dont care anymore about it. Someone will keep the legacy alive.

  • Dave-H

    Thank you very much indeed for thinking of us die-hard Opera 12 users, whatever our reasons for still using it, and still being concerned about keeping us as safe as possible with what is now sadly obsolete technology, much appreciated! 🙂
    And yes, it is still the best browser ever made! 😀

  • jack dundee

    this is indeed a refresh for my eyes

    but for the sakes of argument, why oooh why did you guys abandon Presto…
    company only excuse was that Presto became more integrated than it should
    and yet webkit is not ?

    all you had to do is adopt w3c’s rules and tweak plugin container
    … man Presto based Opera was best of the best since version 6

    sorry to say but you all bent over to worse solution

  • Ian

    Opera 12.x is still the best browser ever made, while Opera 15+ is only a Chrome clone.

    Still using Opera 12 on Win10 x64, so thank you so much for this update!

  • netwolf

    Thank you very much! Using it on Win7x64, of course the XP assumption was a joke, right?

  • wyghthy


    • Zhang Jason


    • Bachi

      Ma sve smo te razumeli…

  • FataL

    Woot! Finally! Thanks! 🙂

  • Stanzilla

    What is the future of Opera Mail? Deprecated or will there be a new version, maybe based on Blink, in the future?

  • Vladislav Shumkin

    https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/viewMyClient.html is reporting that TLS 1.2 isn’t supported by 12.18

    • Spencer

      Running 12.18 and it says I do have support for TLS 1.2.

  • Spencer

    Thanks for the update. Still holding out for a 64 bit version of the new Opera on Windows.

  • roman61rus

    Thanks for update. I’m using win xp sp3 (old laptop) and just added custom user-agent from opera 36 to opera 12.18
    Still a problem i cant open https thepiratebay error

  • Quinca71

    I am using Opera Mail in Windows 10!!! I must be the unique all around the world. I ask you to retake the development of this email client, the best ever made.

    • http://www.weborama.cz mancze

      No, you are not unique. I’m with you! You are absolutely right about best email client. The best killer feature for me is “merged” accounts – view of all your inboxes on one single place. Never seen it implemented so good anywhere else. Mailbird have something, but that is not just “it”.

      • Quinca71

        Do you swear you too? Can’t have more than we 2. I agree with your appreciations. There are other features I like, e.g. can save on .mbs that make a backup of one e-mail, alternatively, or a lot instead. This, without say about feeds reader. Show!

  • Bachi

    Will Opera Mail standalone product be also updated?

    • Dave-H

      It has been, but only for Windows.
      A link to the new version is in the text at the top of this blog.

      • Bachi

        Ok, it’s different build number. Thanks.

  • PhilK

    One of the various nice things about Opera 12 / “Classic” is you don’t need an application update to disable insecure SSL ciphers, you can do it right in the GUI. (I did that years ago for RC4)

    Adding the other capabilities is cool, Opera 12 became problematic for me around a couple years ago when it started to freeze or deadlock a lot on various websites. Not sure that’s a missing SSL cipher issue as much as something going on with HTTP streaming or SPDY or asynch requests, or something like that.

    I’d eagerly install 12.18 if I was confident it didn’t have some undocumented sneaky change embedded in it besides the SSL ciphers. I’m very wary of this since I once attempted to install the “new” Opera on an Android device alongside the existing Opera “Classic” installation, which proceeded to DESTROY my Opera “Classic” settings/bookmarks/customizations and history data and make them irretrievable.

    I’m sure Opera’s new Chinese owners will fix all of that. /sarcasm 😐

  • http://www.last.fm/user/JTLDN jsnldn

    For goodness sake go back to developing 12.18. New Opera SUCKS. I’m using 12.18 on 8.1 and will use it when I go to 10.

  • http://abcya4.com abcya

    Thank you very much indeed for thinking of us die-hard Opera 12 users, whatever our reasons for still using it…

  • msg7086

    Using Opera 12 on the Windows 10. Maybe I should upgrade my Windows 10 to XP or higher version? /sarcasm/ AFAIK the Blink Opera was never as good as half of the original version. Will wait 5 more years before I’d drop Opera 12 and move on to Gxxgle Chrxme.

  • vlivyur

    Waiting for linux version.

  • http://gamezertruth.blogspot.com/ Gamezertruth

    we had many issue with your website and forum ! so when I try to created an a new account then i got en error with link https://auth.opera.com/account/login?service=forums&return_url=http://forums.opera.com/ and downloading link of opera doesn’t work ! and your forum is loaded very slowly !

  • phenom_x8

    Guest what, I’m on Win 7 64 and still using Opera 12.17, Im in love with this browser since 2009, theres no other browser are capable to integrate their mail client inside with a neat tab stacking featurette, not even your own successor…
    BTW, my 12.18 update aren’t working well, chcking update only bring me to the download page to the 35.0 version of opera , please fix it…

  • Geza

    Still using Opera 12.17 (now 12.18) on XP. Only thing I had to fix is Custom User-Agent – now set on Opera 12.18 Firefox/44.0.2 Chrome/50.0.2624.0.

  • http://www.deathshadow.com/ Jason Knight

    Oh yes, stuck on XP, that’s who’s using Opera 12, RIGHT. Tell me another one Josephine…

    So, STILL got the head in the sand over all the users that were and remain unimpressed by your slapping the Opera logo atop Chrome any old way? STILL in denial that even after a few YEARS ChrOpera remains a giant middle finger to the original fanbase?

    News flash, if a small startup like Vivaldi is already further along on implementing all the things you haven’t, what’s that say about the folks working on yours?

  • bratpit

    What about Linux ????
    Discrimination for those years of faithfulness
    Lack GCM becomes annoying.

  • opera 12 the best!

    Security updates for Linux is must-have!

  • http://math.tamu.edu/~romwell Roman

    Well, those of us using Windows 10 now really do take your advice to upgrade from XP SP1 to heart.

    Now, maybe you’ll take our words to heart too: stop the double-think of pretending that people use Opera 12 only because they are stuck with an old OS. It’s just that after all the features are gone, there’s simply no compelling reason to use your current product. For a fast browser with a slim UI, I prefer the Microsoft Edge browser (you might not have heard of it, but it doesn’t work on XP). For that matter, even Edge packs quite a few features that other browsers don’t.

    There are reasons not to use Opera 12, too: touch support isn’t that good, and sites like Facebook and Yahoo/Google mail slow it to a crawl. But the reasons to use it are plentiful, and this is why I’m typing this comment in Opera 12.18 on Win10.

    So, thank you for the update! Now I can honestly say that I’m using a modern browser (2016 release!) on a modern OS.

  • Ron

    The true Opera is 12, and nothing more, I still use 12.16 on windows 10 at work and I’m grateful for this update. But I’d also like to upgrade on my home computer with ubuntu… What’s the problem with adding this new ciphers to linux version?! I guess it’s some kind of independent library, not written especially for windows…

  • András Csóka

    I did the update and since than my dear old opera did not crash… for a couple of month it used to crash time to time from different websites, maybe they changed something with the js and/or presto engine too? Anyway thanks!

    I use Opera since v6 (2004), also purchased the payed version! 🙂 I’ve imported my older mails also, So I have all my mail since 2000 in a 23 gig mail store and opera manages it great… recently I had to find some data from 2005 and I managed to do that in a few minutes.

    I’d be happy if someone would continue this great memory friendly browser engine.

    I used it for a long time on an old XP with 1 gig of ram and there was no other way to have 20+ tabs + mail open and could fit within 1 gig of memory. Recently I moved to win8.1 sometimes have to use other browser which can eat up tons of ram within a few seconds…

  • Roman Usherenko

    updated to Opera Mail build 1044 and now none of my pop inboxes work. Clicking “Check All” simply doesn’t do anything

  • Yuhong Bao

    There seems to be a bug where RC4 can’t be enabled even though it claims to be enabled.