Opera is now the only major browser that continues to provide security updates for its Windows XP and Windows Vista version. Today, the first security update for this version is being released to provide millions of users worldwide with secure browsing.

In April, we reported that Google and Mozilla would no longer support Windows XP and Windows Vista. This means that Firefox and Chrome users on either of these platforms are no longer receiving bug fixes or security updates. Opera remains the only major browser that takes care of these users.

According to Netmarketshare’s figures, 10.34% of all computer users use Windows XP, a number that hasn’t discernibly changed since April. This means that 10% of all desktop users are very loyal to their platform – but they also need to take action to make sure they’re using a secure browser.

New fixes

Some of you may know that the last Opera version compatible with Windows XP and Vista was Opera 36, which is based on Chrome version 49. We promised we would continue to issue security updates and crash fixes to the Opera 36 branch, and this is our first such update with backports of fixes for some security issues that were fixed in Opera 37, based on Chrome 50.

We hope these fixes will help to keep the browser a tiny bit more secure and stable. Opera 36 users will receive the update automatically; it is also available on opera.com for them.

However, we still urge those users of Windows XP and Vista to switch to an OS that is actively supported so they can enjoy the latest browser versions with more features and better security.

How to import bookmarks and other settings

If you still use another browser on these platforms we encourage you to switch to Opera. Migrating to Opera from another browser is really easy. When you run it for the first time, you’ll be prompted to automatically import your bookmarks and other settings.

Marcin Mitek

Tester on Windows platform @ Desktop Team since 2012. Based in Wrocław office. PC gaming enthusiast. Commutes to work on his fixie, Killer Bee.

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  • redfox

    I need VPN for O36…

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I don’t think 36 will get any new features.

      • redfox

        VPN is the only “real” security update, so I think they could implement it, if the new Opera isn’t compatible with WinXP any more.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          I guess ‘security updates’ means ‘Chromium security updates’ mainly and some Opera’s ones.

          No new features.

          And VPN is more privacy than security.

  • Павел Даценко

    How can I download this version (for WinXP) from another computer running Win10?

    • Dave-H

      From the FTP site here –
      Use the “Setup” file.

      • Павел Даценко

        Thanks, but what is the difference between the two files located there: “Opera_winxpvista_36.0.2130.80_Autoupdate.exe” and “Opera_winxpvista_36.0.2130.80_Setup.exe”?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Download the one with ‘Setip’ in its name. The other is for the autoupdater.

          • Dave-H

            You said that on the main forum too Leo, but I’m a bit puzzled how the “Autoupdate” file actually works. If you run it, it seems to create a complete standalone installation of Opera in the folder that it was run from. It’s obviously a quick way of making a standalone installation, but how does it relate to the autoupdate process?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I guess that file is downloaded by the autoupdate process and used by it.

          • Dave-H

            Yes, that would make sense, although I’m a bit surprised in that case that it’s been made publicly accessible.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I don’t think it’s to be downloaded and ran by the user.

  • nanana1

    Please don’t forget to update Opera 12.18 too which some of us are still using. 😉

    • Zin

      Good sugestion nanana1. 🙂

      Also, the idea that if you use a newer OS you are safe it’s a LIE, just looking at all the reports made about win10. 😉

      Also, no windows OS is safe no matter what version you use if it’s xp or win 8.1, you can be safer only using a 3rd party firewall software.

  • Spencer

    “Opera is now the only major browser that continues to provide security updates for its Windows XP and Windows Vista version.”

    Your claim that Firefox is no longer updated on Windows XP is false. The latest version of Firefox supports Windows XP SP2 and later (https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/48.0/system-requirements/).

    Also, IE9 on Windows Vista still gets security updates. I know IE9 is terrible but I would still say MS is a major browser vendor.

    • Cryio

      Your point of Firefox is valid. IE9? Too outdated to be relevant.

      • I’m using Firefox 48.0.2 on Windows XP and Vista, and works pretty well.

    • Okay. Bad news for Vista/7 users: Windows Update server disabled the updates for Vista/7.

  • Mailer Mainer

    I m still use opera on XP on my old PC. Its not so bad this browser, it require less resources than other browsers. http://365hacks.com

  • Peter_A

    I’m glad to see this happening as promised. As for the Mac platforms just left behind – 10.6 – 10.8 – is there any plan to provide similar security patches for Opera 37?

  • Thank you Opera for still providing security updates for the Windows XP and Windows Vista version. May be I’ll switch to Opera browser now.

  • Alexandr

    Where is transparency of tab bar (Windows Vista)? Why it look like blue Windows XP skin?

    • This dissapeared on Opera 31/32 due to change of SDK that made Chrome when arrived the version 45 (VS 2010 to VS 2013), and the compatibility for XP and Vista disappeared completely on Chromium 49 (VS 2013 to VS 2015). Mozilla Firefox still uses the VS 2013 and incrediblely works pretty well on Windows XP and Vista without problems, but the website only offers Firefox 42 for download in their website for XP and Vista users.

      Unfortunaletly, nobody tried to compile Chromium with Cairo and GCC (MinGW and/or Cygwin) for Windows, and even with this tools works pretty well on Vista and beyond.

      • Alexandr

        What to do? If I like the Aero, should I give up Chromium-like browesers?
        Incidentallyc, this dissapeared on Opera 28. In now I use Opera 27 for this reason.

  • Brave_Droid_Helen

    When I try to run OperaSetUp.exe on Windows xp… it does nothing. No errors, no warnings, no info, no install, nothing.

    This is your product???? You can’t even show any info as to what failed?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Latest version with support for XP is 36. You can download it in http://www.opera.com

  • bradavon

    This article is factually incorrect. Firefox still supports both XP and Vista:


    Even your own article that says “Firefox is dropping Vista” only mentions Firefox is dropping XP. Which isn’t what the Mozilla link says anyway. It says XP SP1 is no longer supported by Mozilla.

  • David_Gould

    Installer from http://www.opera.com has a typo when detecting XP/Vista. It says “dowloading (sic) XP-compatible installer” or something.

  • duser2011

    Opera 36.0.2130.80 latest Adobe flash player that works with it ?
    ( or or or or )
    This version works but thinking of updating it.
    Slimjet Version (based on Chromium 50.0.2661.75) using flash player
    Developers response please.

  • Nikki Ingoglia Oltjenbruns

    When does Opera support end for Vista?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Latest version with support fr Vista was 36 so it was sometime around march 2016.

  • XP

    Thanks from me too dear Opera team for supporting Windows XP.
    Because many software and browsers stop supporting windows XP this does not mean that XP is still not the best operating system ever.
    i have seen how is win7 win 8 and 8.1 and i dont know why people going to such low mind operating systems.
    i will have my well paid original Windows XP for ever and if one day noone support them i will leave Microsoft .
    Thank you microsoft for leaving us unsupported when i paid you so much for an operating system that you cahnging every year now…

  • Mouad Dzedz

    i use last version on w xp but i cant add fb emotion on opera help me plz

  • Jenny Mentzer

    Is the latest version available on Opera.com the version that works with Windows Vista? I don’t see it labeled “36” anywhere….?

  • Brandy Cagle

    does not install. running windows xp :/