Easter is over, and we are back at work here in Oslo. The sun is shining and what better way to celebrate that spring is approaching than by releasing a new Opera version.

Today we have released Opera 12.15, a recommended stability and security update for all users.
We would like to thank all of you who have helped us to test and report issues.

You can get your favourite browser on opera.com. Changelogs are available here.

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  • jesus2099

    What what what ? Is that it that now GOOGLE is always forced as default search engine ? Isn’t *THIS* the biggest security flaw introduced ?
    Please make the following Opera settings work again (on our trusted engines, on anything else than Goddam) :
    * **Set as default search engine**
    * **Set as Speed Dial search engine**
    Those still write correct stuff in **search.ini** but it’s reverted to Goddam at run time.

    Changelog says « _Fixed an issue where the search bar’s default engine could be overridden by **third-party** apps._ » But since when Opera is a third-party app for itself ? It shouldn’t block Opera’s settings.

    (using Opera 12) How can my beloved Opera **forces the use of google ?**

    PS. Also I still can’t believe all my.Opera forum topics (containing tons of help) have been dumped so deliberately.