Extended Validation (EV)

The best guarantee of a website’s identity available today is provided by Extended Validation (EV) certificates. Extended Validation means that the details of the organization buying the certificate have been audited by an accountable, third-party entity, who can therefore verify that the certificate owner is who it claims to be. EV websites are indicated by a green security badge with a padlock in the address field. For details about security badges, see the Fraud and Malware protection topic.

The importance of Extended Validation certificates is growing with the increase in financial traffic on the Web. Certificates are designed to endorse a company’s validity as a reliable, rather than transient, business. For example, to obtain a certificate, a company must provide 3 years of tax records and other financial information to the Certificate Authority. This certification provides peace of mind and security for Internet shoppers.

Opera has already implemented procedures and processes for EV certification and is at the forefront of complying with standards. We have built-in procedures to verify automatically that everything in a certificate for a website is correct when someone visits a page on the site and that the certificate has not been revoked.

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