Opera Mail Tutorial

Get started with Opera Mail

This topic shows you how to create an account and import messages and settings so that you can start using Opera Mail.

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What you need to get started

To use Opera Mail, you need the following:

1. The Opera desktop browser installed on your PC.

2. An email address and service provider that offers IMAP or POP access to your inbox. Whether you can use Opera Mail with your existing account depends on the services offered by your provider, and sometimes the type of account. For example, some providers only offer a web interface, while some may only offer access to POP or IMAP for an extra fee, or if you upgrade your account. Some providers will only let you use their own software. The table below lists some examples of some leading webmail sites and indicates whether you can use them with Opera Mail.

Webmail ServiceIMAPPOP
AOL MailYesYes
Windows Live HotmailNoYes
Yahoo! MailNoYes

Providers that offer neither POP nor IMAP access are generally not supported, although there are a number of third-party utilities that you could try, listed below. Note that we don't offer support for these.

Create or add an account

Opera Mail is built into the Opera browser; all you need to get started is an email address. You can use Opera Mail with FastMail.FM, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or any service that supports IMAP or POP protocols. For more information on providers, see Using Opera Mail with your webmail account below.

To create or add an Opera account, follow the steps below:

  1. From the menu, select Mail and Chat Accounts.
  2. If you do not have an Opera account, you are prompted to create one. If you have an Opera account, select Add.
  3. Select the kind of account you want to create, for example, email or newsgroup. If you want to import messages and settings, see the Import messages and settings topic.
  4. In the resulting dialog, complete the following fields:
    • Real name: Type the name that you want to display in the From field of your emails.
    • Email address: Type your email address.
    • Organization: Type the name of your organization (optional).
  5. Click Next.
  6. Type the login name provided by your ISP provider. For example, your Fastmail.FM or Gmail username, Yahoo! ID name, or AOL login name.
  7. Type your password.
  8. Depending on the service enabled for your email account, select either IMAP or POP. For example, for Yahoo! Mail, select POP and for AOL Mail, select IMA. For an explanation of these terms, see What is POP and IMAP? below.
  9. If your server details are automatically recorded, go to step 9. Otherwise, complete incoming and outgoing server details. Ask your ISP for the specific details. See also: Non-standard server ports
  10. To enable TLS encryption for incoming and/or outgoing servers, check Use secure connection (TLS). For details, see the Secure connection (TLS) topic.
  11. If you use POP and want to access email from other computers, tick Leave messages on server.
  12. Select Finish. The Mail and Contacts options are added to the menu and the Mail panel appears. You use these to access your messages or newsfeeds, and your contact address book.
  13. Notes: For IMAP accounts, also see IMAP sent folder.

IMAP sent folder

To ensure that your sent IMAP messages are stored on the server and not stored locally, define your sent folder. To do this follow the steps below.

  1. From the menu in Opera, select Mail and Chat Accounts.
  2. Select your IMAP account, then Edit.
  3. Select the Outgoing tab.
  4. In the IMAP sent folder field, select the folder to store your sent messages.
  5. Click OK.

Import messages or settings

You can import email, different account settings, folders and contacts at any time. This applies for the following versions and email clients:

If your previous mailer is not listed above, you may only be able to use it if it includes the capability to export to the mbox format.

To import messages or settings:

  1. Either:
    • Create or add an account using steps 1 - 3 above and select Import email as the account type, or
    • select Settings > Import and export > Import mail.
  2. Select the email client from which you are importing your old messages, or select Choose to find the folder with your messages.
  3. In the Import item field, select the relevant account. If it is not listed, select Browse to find the account from the directory.
  4. Check what you want to import: settings, contacts, messages or a combination.
  5. Select the account to which you want your messages to be imported.
  6. Select Import.

Result: When you successfully import messages and folders:

Detailed explanations

What is POP and IMAP?

These are standard Internet protocols for email retrieval.

Opera Mail uses the following protocols:

Non-standard server ports

The default ports used are 143 for IMAP, 110 for POP, and 119 for NNTP. If your ISP uses a non-standard server port, you can enter it after the server name in the form "servername:port", i.e. "pop.example.com:111".

Secure connection (TLS)

TLS enables high-security, encrypted communications between a mail client, like Opera Mail, and a server. Encrypted communications allow your password and other sensitive data to be sent across the Internet without others being able to spy on it. Opera Mail supports TLS, however your ISP server must support secure connection TLS for you to use this feature.