Opera Mail Tutorial

Manage contacts

This topic explains how to manage your contact list; Opera Mail's online address book. Contacts are automatically added to your contacts list whenever you send a message.

In this topic:

The Contacts panel

Contacts are shown in a separate panel to the Mail panel. You can toggle the panel by clicking the Contacts panel selector.

The Contacts panel allows you to:

Add a new contact

There are several ways to add a new contact, as outlined in the table below.

To add a contact ...Then ...
from the Contacts panel, you can either:
  • select Add.
  • right-click in the panel and select New contact.
using the main menu Select Contacts and select New in the Manage contacts window.
from a received message right-click the message and select Add Contact.
when replying to a message Opera automatically adds the email address to your contact list.

Follow or ignore messages from contacts

Follow messages from a contact

If you want to be alerted to messages from a specific person, you can follow messages from them. This displays all messages from that person under the Followed Contacts header in the Mail panel. When new messages are received, this header becomes bold and the number of unread messages is shown. The person must be added as a contact for this option to appear.

To follow messages from a contact, you can either:

To disable following emails from this person, you can either:

Messages from this person will still display in the Unread and Received views.

Ignore messages from a contact

You can also ignore all messages from someone so that their messages do not display in the Unread view. Messages still display in the Received view but are marked automatically as read. The person must already be a contact for this option to appear.

To ignore messages from someone, you can either:

To stop ignoring these messages, view a message from them, right-click their email address and uncheck Ignore contact.

Manage contacts

The Manage Contacts window open in the full browser window to provide a larger space for you to organize your contacts. To open this window, go to the main menu and select Contacts. Tip: If you need to find a specific contact, use the search field on the toolbar.

Organize contact into folders

To help you manage your contacts, you can use folders to group contacts together. To add a new folder:

  1. Right-click in the Contacts panel.
  2. Select New Folder from the context menu.
  3. To move contacts into folders, drag-and-drop them into the folder.

Tip: To quickly compose a message addressed to all the contacts in the folder, select the folder, right-click and select Compose.

Change contact properties

You can add, remove, and change information about contacts. To do this, right-click a contact and select Properties. Use the tabs to record different types of information. The table below lists the tabs and describes what you can change. Tip: You can leave any field in any tab blank, but if you leave Name and Email address blank, it limits the usefulness of contacts.

If you want to ... Then ...
Record the primary address In the General tab, type the address in the Email Address field.
Record additional email addresses In the Notes tab, type the address separated by a comma, as follows: “username1@example.com, username2@example.com, username3@example.com”
Record or change personal details In the Home tab, type or change the details, such as postal address or phone number.
Record a home page associated to the person In the General tab, type the URL in the Home page field.
Record notes about a person In the Notes tab, type any notes you wish to keep.
Record an IRC nickname for Chat In the Chat tab, records your contact's registered IRC nickname in the Nickname field so that you can see when you and your contact are logged on to the same network in your Chat panel.
Change the icon displayed for this contact An icon is displayed in the message list for messages received. The default is the first contact icon in the list but you can change this here; just select a new icon from the list.
Display an image at the top of the Contacts view for the person In the Images tab, type the URL of a webpage in the Picture URL field. The maximum size is 150 x 150 pixels. It is better to use photos from the Web by specifying a URL. There may be problems uploading photos from your computer, as they must then be cached to display.