Opera browser tutorials

The majority of this material applies to Opera versions 12.16 and below. For help with the current Opera for computers, please review these help pages.

The tutorials below provide the information you need to become an experienced Opera user.

Intro to Opera

Introduction to Opera

The Introduction to Opera tutorial covers the browser layout and components, explains how you use it to browse the Web, and how to use Opera's unique features.

Opera Mail

Opera Mail

This tutorial introduces you to Opera Mail – our e-mail client and newsreader — and shows you how to use the special features to efficiently manage your messages.

Browser Security

Security & Privacy

This tutorial shows you how to use extra security and privacy features to protect your personal information online and keep your browsing habits private.

Customize Opera

Control Opera

Personalize Opera to suit you, use Opera with mouse gestures, without a mouse, or with your own Javascript.