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XMLHttpRequest (XHR) is a work in progress, and we expect to fully support it when it becomes a recommendation.

XMLHttpRequest allows scripts to make requests to their originating server to provide for partial page updates and data exchange. Opera Presto does not yet implement the EventTarget interface on XMLHttpRequest objects. Opera Software ASA actively participates in the W3C WebApps Working Group responsible for the the XMLHttpRequest specification.


Method name Description Support
open(method, url, async, user, password) This method specifies the method, URL, and authentication information for the request. The async parameter specifies whether the request should be handled asynchronously or not. Yes
setRequestHeader(header, value) This method adds custom HTTP headers to the request. Yes
send(data) This method sends a request to the server and takes as parameter the request entity body. Yes
abort() This method aborts the request. Yes
getAllResponseHeaders() This method gets all the HTTP headers of the response with the exception of Set-Cookie and Set-Cookie2 Yes
getResponseHeader(header) This method gets a single HTTP header of the response as indicated by its parameter with the exception of Set-Cookie and Set-Cookie2. Yes


Attribute name Description Support
readyState This attribute returns the current state. Yes
responseText This attribute is read-only and represents the response entity body as a string. Yes
responseXML This attribute represents the parsed response entity body. Yes
status This attribute represents the HTTP status code returned by a request. Yes
statusText This attribute represents the HTTP response line status. Yes

Event handlers

Event handler name Description Support
onreadystatechange This event handler stores a function. Every time the "ready state" changes, this function will be executed. Yes


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