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May 26, 2011
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Web specifications added since Opera Presto 2.7
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Opera Presto rendering engine

This document and its associated support tables apply specifically to the Opera Presto 2.8 rendering engine. It incorporates Opera Presto web specification support with the latest Core Milestone and integration point. Changes and additions occurring since Opera Presto 2.7 are identified with their specific Core Milestone integration points. Please see the following Core Milestone integration points added since Opera Presto 2.7 topic.

Opera desktop, device, and mobile products

Opera products use and depend upon various parts of the Opera Presto rendering engine and its web specification features. It is important to note that while the latest Opera Presto rendering engine has incorporated new web specification features, they may not have been added to the latest released versions of Opera products.

The Opera user agent string

Opera products will identify which Opera Presto version and core-integration-point they are using in their user agent string. Depending on your Opera product, the Opera user agent string is placed in the "About Opera" page, found by typing opera:about in the address bar, or by clicking "Help > About Opera" in the Menu.

Here is an example:

Opera/9.80 (Windows NT 5.1; U; en) Presto/2.8.131 Version/11.10

This example user agent string belongs to Opera 11.10 final release for desktop. It describes that it is using the Opera Presto 2.8 (Presto/2.8) rendering engine, incorporating core-integration-point 131 (.131).

A high-level overview of current web specifications support in Opera products is available on opera.com at: Web specifications support in Opera products: an overview.

Opera articles

For further reference, and where applicable, Opera web specification support table documents now contain hyperlinks to Opera technical articles written by leading subject matter experts. These are sourced from Opera's extensive developer website, dev.opera.com.

Web specifications added since Opera Presto 2.7

Important note

The following web specification items integrated into the Opera Presto rendering engine are identified with their (Presto/2.8.xxx) core-integration-point numbers. This identifies which web specifications are included with Opera product versions, as shown in their user agent strings. Please see the preceding description in The Opera user agent string topic, to associate Opera product versions with the Opera Presto core-integration-points they contain.

Implemented in core-integration-points 90 through 102

Geolocation API improvements
SVG: Cache bidi calculations - WordInfo structs

Implemented in core-integration-points 103 through 115


Implemented in core-integration-points 116 through 119

Graphics: WebP

Opera Presto adds support for the Google WebP image format (Presto/2.8.116).

Implemented in core-integration-points 120 through 130


Implemented in core-integration-points 131 through 141

W3C File API
W3C HTML5 dataset attribute
W3C HTML5 Session History and Navigation
Event handling
classList attribute

Implemented in core-integration-points 142 through 149

HTML5 <time> element
Opera Widgets specification

Implemented in core-integration-points 150 through 158

Selectors API

Implemented in core-integration-points 159 through 162

DeviceOrientation Event

Opera web specification support pages

HTML5 support
<canvas> element
New Elements/Attributes/APIs
Session History & Navigation New
Legacy encodings support
MathML support
CSS Profile
Networking Protocols support
Offline Web Apps support
Offline Web Applications
SVG support
CSS Properties
DOM Interfaces
Text and internationalization support
Text & Internationalization
Web Open Font Format support
Web SQL Database support
Web SQL Database
Web Storage API support
Web Storage API
Web Workers API support
Web Workers API
WebSocket API support
WebSocket API
Widgets support
Access Request Policy (W3C) New
Interface (W3C) New
Packaging & Config. (W3C) New
URIs (W3C) New
Format specification (Opera)
XML Digital Signatures New
XML support


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