CSS3 Media Queries support in Opera Presto 2.6

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Opera Presto offers partial support for CSS3 Media Queries as described in the following data table. Please note that each property is hyperlinked to its place in the W3C CSS3 Media Queries module.

As stated by the W3C, syntactically, media features resemble CSS properties: they have names and accept certain values. There are, however, several important differences between properties and media features:

For example, the color media feature can form expressions without a value ((color)), or with a value ((min-color: 1)). This specification defines media features usable with visual and tactile devices. Similarly, media features can be defined for aural media types.

Media Query Support
aspect-ratio Yes
max-aspect-ratio Yes
min-aspect-ratio Yes
device-aspect-ratio Yes
max-device-aspect-ratio Yes
min-device-aspect-ratio Yes
color Yes
max-color Yes
min-color Yes
color-index Yes
max-color-index Yes
min-color-index Yes
device-height Yes
max-device-height Yes
min-device-height Yes
device-width Yes
max-device-width Yes
min-device-width Yes
grid Yes
height Yes
max-height Yes
min-height Yes
monochrome Yes
max-monochrome Yes
min-monochrome Yes
orientation No
resolution Yes
max-resolution Yes
min-resolution Yes
scan Yes
width Yes
max-width Yes
min-width Yes


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