CSS3 Image Values / Replaced Content support in Opera Presto 2.12

Current W3C reference:
CSS Image Values and Replaced Content Module Level 3
Documentation last updated at:
Candidate Recommendation 2012-04-17
Support information:
As of the last update, the candidate recommendation was supported as follows:
  • Opera does not support image().
  • image-resolution and image-orientation are not supported.
  • object-fit and object-position require the -o- vendor prefix.
  • object-fit supports an additional value: auto. When that value is given: bitmaps render as fill; SVG in <img> synthesizes a viewbox (if possible) if none is specified and respects preserveAspectRatio; SVG in <object> or <svg> respects preserveAspectRatio if a viewbox is provided, otherwise, as none and with object-position set to top left; videos render as contain.
  • When rendering SVG with object-fit set to auto, object-position is ignored, and SVG's own preserveAspectRatio attribute will take effect instead.
  • Opera accepts the linear-gradient value both as specifed and with a -o- or -webkit- vendor prefix. The prefixed values are deprecated, and an older syntax is used. The syntax differences are as follows:
    • In the specified syntax, to is used in front of the side of the box where the gradient line ends; for example, to top right. In the older syntax, the side of the box where the gradient line begins is given; for example bottom left.
    • In the specified syntax, 0deg points upward, and positive angles represent clockwise rotation; for example, 90deg points toward the right. In the older syntax, 0deg points to the right, and positive angles represent counterclockwise rotation; for example, 90deg points up.
    No other values are accepted with a prefix.
Opera articles:
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