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Opera one.

Opera One

Engineered for liquid navigation

Browse with a multithreaded compositor that brings the UI to life like never before. The new modular design is ready for the emerging age of AI-powered web services.

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What is Opera One?

Opera One (currently early-access developer version) is a completely redesigned browser, planned to replace the flagship Opera Browser for Windows, macOS, and Linux later this year. Based on the principles of Modular Design, Opera One transforms browser interaction, delivering a liquid navigation experience that’s more intuitive.

With its release, Opera One becomes the first major Chromium-based browser utilizing a multithreaded compositor in its user interface. Opera One also introduces Tab Islands, a new, more intuitive way of interacting with tabs.

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Modular Ai-ready Design Modular Ai-ready Design

Modular Ai-ready Design

AI prompts

Dynamic interface

Modular Design makes room for new features and integrated AI tools as they become available.

Opera One’s look is completely reimagined based on Modular Design. In this early-access developer version, this is most noticeable in the sidebar and tabs modules. As features are added or tabs are opened, elements in the respective module adjust automatically to make room. This user-friendly design declutters the interface and keeps browsing smooth and focused.

Opera is known for its innovative and useful features, but the variety of use cases leaves the browser busy with idle shortcuts. Opera One changes that with its modular interface, a dynamic space that deemphasizes unused components to make room for new ones. In the sidebar, elements are dynamically adjusted as others are added, making space for more cutting-edge AI integrations as they become available.

And as extensions become more and more relevant with new generative AI features, Opera One groups them in a collapsable module in the address bar, simplifying the interface while retaining quick access.

Multi&shythreaded Multi&shythreaded


Fluid animations, sleek visual effects and a seamless experience.

Opera One’s user interface has been reengineered from the ground up, integrating a technology stack with a multithreaded compositor that can handle advanced animations and transitions for the smoothest, most responsive interface to date.

The modern web is active and animated, and past attempts to reflect this dynamic environment in browsers have resulted in lag and stuttering. Now however, Opera One has resolved this issue by introducing a separate compositor thread that paints the active elements in the browser.

By using layer-based animations that run entirely in the compositor thread, rather than the UI thread, animations continue running even if UI processes are interrupted, resulting in uninterrupted UI animations, seamless visual effects, and a smooth experience.

Intuitive tab navi&shygation Intuitive tab navi&shygation

Intuitive tab navi­gation

Automatic, context-based tab grouping for effortless browsing.


Since first introduced, tabs have become an integral feature of browsers, but require a lot of time and effort to keep organized. Tab Islands frees you from this task by connecting related tabs into groups, or islands, which can be collapsed or expanded for more space, focused browsing and intuitive navigation. Tab islands are automatically created to keep tabs together within the same browsing context.

Stop organizing tabs yourself

Tabs are automatically arranged by context into dedicated tab islands.

Save space by collapsing islands

Collapse or expand islands in one click to hide content and make space.

Switch browsing contexts instantly

Shop, research, work, relax - switch between islands and stay focused.

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Opera one.

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