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Need to keep track of interesting sites? Bookmarks in the Opera browser will help you easily get back to pages you liked, organize your favorites, and much more.

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Make the most of Opera bookmarks

Bookmark manager with page previews

Opera for computers offers visual bookmarks, which you don't get in other browsers. Your favorite sites appear in a gallery with customizable page thumbnails. Depending on how many sites you've bookmarked, you can switch between large thumbnails, small thumbnails and a list view in the bookmark manager.

Bookmark manager with page previews

Smooth transition from other browsers

When you're switching to Opera from another browser, you can automatically import bookmarks. So, don't worry about losing your favorite sites - the transition will be a breeze!

Import bookmarks into Opera browser
Organize and manage bookmarks with ease

Organize and manage bookmarks with ease

When you add a bookmark, you can pick a thumbnail that makes it easier to spot the page you need. You can place your Opera bookmarks in folders and subfolders and see the structure in a classic tree view. Also, you can add the most important bookmarks to the bookmarks bar for even quicker access.

Different devices, same browser bookmarks

Computers, phones, tablets - your favorite sites will always be at hand, no matter what you’re browsing on. Just create an Opera account to sync bookmarks across multiple devices.

Sync bookmarks in Opera across several devices

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Bookmarks in Opera for computers

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