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Opera Help Site preferences Sometimes you may want to change settings permanently for one website only. If you know that one of your favorite websites relies on using pop-ups, for example, using Opera's site preferences you can allow all pop-ups from this specific site while still blocking them on other sites. You may also want to allow trusted websites, such as your bank, to use more technologies than, for example, a game site you just happened to stumble across. To add or edit site preferences...


Opera Help Menus The key Opera functions are available from the main menu. Note that nearly every element of the browser can be right -clicked to display a context menu offering further options. Main menu To view the main menu, click on the big red "O" icon on the top left of the browser. Tabs and Windows New tabs and windows, closed tabs, and sessions Page Edit, display, and developer tools Print Print , print options, and print preview Bookmarks Bookmarks and bookmark manager History History ...


Opera Help Geolocation What is geolocation? Why is it useful? ¶ Geolocation is the process of determining your location on Earth. Although the concept of geolocation is often connected with GPS, there is more than one way to determine your location when you are on the internet. For example, your internet address (IP address) can be used to determine roughly where you are, even without the more advanced methods of geolocation. Suppose that you want a more precise determination of your location t...

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