Password tips

Use unique and strong passwords

Using the same password for every site potentially opens up full access to all of your data for any leak in any one of those websites. At the very least, use unique passwords for any sites that contain private or sensitive data. Using the password manager makes it easier to use varied passwords.

To create a strong password that is hard to guess or break, use the following tips:

There are many sites on the Web discussing this topic, and some provide methodologies or formulas for creating strong passwords that you might find useful.

Store passwords

If you follow the wise recommendation to use a different password for each website, you need to be able to remember or refer to them. You can use Opera's password manager to remember passwords and login details for you. However, if you do want to record and store them, follow these tips to keep them safe and secure.

Password manager

You can use Opera's password manager to save username and password details so that you can easily log in to websites with one click, without having to remember your details each time. To protect your privacy, your details are scrambled. To view the password manager, select Settings… from the main menu. Click 'Privacy & security' on the left sidebar. Under 'Passwords', click Manage saved passwords.

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