Opera Mail Tutorial

Welcome to Opera Mail

Last updated for Opera 12.00

This is an introductory tutorial to help you use Opera Mail; the built-in email client and newsreader in the Opera desktop browser.

This tutorial explains how Opera Mail is different from most other email clients and shows you how to use it efficiently to manage your messages automatically, leaving you time for more important things. It's designed to expand on the basic information in Opera Help - Email and News.


In this tutorial, we cover the following topics:

Get started with Opera Mail

How to set up Opera Mail and import messages so you can start using it.

The Opera Mail layout

A walkthrough of the Opera Mail layout to help you find your way around and understand the terminology.

Handle received messages

How to view messages, mark them as read, save attachments, manage threads and spam, and delete messages.

Sort messages with labels

How to apply labels, and use them to automatically sort your messages, including how to add label rules and settings.

Write and send messages

How to write and send message; includes the Compose context menu, drafts, and Quick Reply.

Newsfeeds and newsgroups

How to subscribe to newsfeeds and newsgroups, and how to read newsgroup messages.

Manage contacts

How to create contacts, use them for messaging and sorting, and manage them.

Customize Opera Mail

How to change default settings, edit your account details, or customize the Mail panel, windows, message fields, and label icons.

Advanced tips and solutions

Advanced tips for using Opera Mail and information to help you solve any problems.