Eats 80%
less RAM
than your standard browser

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Get an unparalleled gaming and browsing experience with Discord/Twitch sidebar integration and built-in limiters for CPU, RAM and Network usage.


2.2M Ratings

Red Dot Award

IF Award

Made in Europe

Eats 80% less RAM

Check out our
features for gamers

Ram CPU &
Network limiters

Minimize lag & FPS drops when you use your browser while gaming, you decide how much resources GX can use.


Completely customize your color scheme with Opera GX to match your gaming setup. Easily select animated wallpapers as a browser background.

Twitch and
Discord integration

Get Twitch feeds and notifications right in your sidebar and stop alt-tabbing between Discord and your browser.

Game release calendar

Stay on top of time-limited deals, free games and news in one easily accessible place. Visit GX Corner in a single click.

Slash tabs that
steal resources

Identify resource-draining tabs and eliminate them to make sure the browser doesn’t overburden your PC or laptop.

Force dark mode
on every page

Force bright pages to display in dark mode to go easy on your eyes while browsing in the dark. This feature is currently in beta.

Keep watching in
a floating window

Separate streams and online videos into an adjustable, movable window, so you can watch and play simultaneously.

Keep your secrets
safe with free VPN

Control your privacy and security with a FREE integrated VPN and Ad blocker. Save your money and access what you want.

ad blocker

Browse with less headaches and load websites faster with the built-in ad blocker. Block also Trackers.

You deserve a better browser.

Get the latest Opera GX browser. Works with all Chrome extensions

Get it on Google Play. Don't have Google Play?
Download the app here This is a safe download

I actually switched from Chrome to Opera GX a while ago because I was tired of Chrome being the absurd resource hog that it is and performing terribly.


Keep your data when
you switch to Opera GX

Import settings and switch in 30 seconds. Import all of your bookmarks, passwords and autofill in just a couple of clicks.