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Mods completely transform the way Opera GX looks, sounds and behaves. Plus, they're free!


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Choose your own adventure

Cycle through pre-made Mod packs, mix and match them together to create new versions or make your own from scratch.

Background music


Browser sounds


Keyboard sounds


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Mods completely transform opera gx

Mods come packed with unique looks, sounds and shaders for the Opera GX browser.

Free Discord themes
Choose custom themes for Discord integrated in the sidebar. No sub needed!

Add visual effects to web pages with custom shaders.

Tie your Mod together with a cohesive theme.

Background music
Customize the atmosphere of your Mod with immersive audio.

Browser sounds
Add custom sound effects to make your Mod sing.

Customize the background of your Mod with unique wallpapers.

Keyboard Sounds
Add custom sound effects for keyboard strokes.

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