Widget Access Request Policy support in Opera Presto 2.8

W3C references
Widget Access Request Policy

This specification defines the security model controlling network access from within a widget, as well as a method for widget authors to request that the user agent grant access to certain network resources or sets thereof.

Opera Presto offers support for the Widget Access Request Policy, as described in the following sections.

<access> element

Support: Yes

The <access> element allows authors to request permission from the user agent to retrieve a set of network resources. Zero or more <access> elements can be placed in the configuration document.

Context in which this element is used
As a child of the widget element
Content model
Zero or more
Expected children
Localizable via xml:lang

<access> element attributes

For your reference, the following attributes are hyperlinked to their place in the online W3C Widget Access Request Policy document.

Attribute Description Support
origin An IRI attribute that defines the specifics of the access request that is made. Yes
subdomains A boolean attribute that indicates whether or not the host component part of the access request applies to subdomains (as defined in RFC1034) of a domain in the origin attribute. The default value when this attribute is absent is false, meaning that access to subdomains is not requested. Yes


<widget xmlns="http://www.w3.org/ns/widgets">
  <name>My Opera</name>
  Declaring subdomains as true, allows access to my.opera.com
  as well as other services provided by opera.com
  <access origin="http://opera.com" subdomains="true">


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