Web Storage API support in Opera Presto 2.8

W3C reference
W3C Web Storage API

Web storage in Opera Presto can be configured using preferences in the "Web Storage" section located in opera:config.

Opera Presto supports the following web storage tools.

Support has been added for the window.opera.scriptStorage property for user scripts alone. This property returns a Storage object as specified in the W3C Web Storage API Section 4.1: The Storage interface, and is unique per script.

Opera Presto does not currently support:

Opera Presto's support for the W3C Web Storage API is defined in the following data tables.


Interface Attributes Methods Comment Support
  • length
  • key(n)
  • getItem(key)
  • setItem(key, value)
  • removeItem(key)
  • clear()
This interface provides access to a list of key/value pairs, which are sometimes called items. Yes
  • key
  • oldValue
  • newValue
  • url
  • storageArea
  • initStorageEvent()
This interface event is fired when a storage area changes. Yes


Attribute Comment Support
sessionStorage This attribute represents the set of storage areas specific to the current top-level browsing context. Yes
localStorage This attribute provides a Storage object for an origin. User agents must have a set of local storage areas, one for each origin. Yes


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