WebSocket API support in Opera Presto 2.8

W3C reference
W3C WebSocket API

Opera Presto's support for the W3C WebSocket API is defined in the following data table.

Important notes:

WebSocket interface

Constructor Attributes Methods Comment Support
  • url
  • readyState
  • protocol
  • bufferedAmount
  • send(data)
  • close()
This interface enables web applications to maintain bidirectional communications with server-side processes.
  • The protocol attribute is not supported.

CloseEvent interface

Constructor Attributes Methods Comment Support
CloseEvent wasClean initCloseEvent() When the WebSocket connection is closed, possibly cleanly, the user agent must create an event that uses the CloseEvent interface, with the event name close, which does not bubble, is not cancelable, has no default action, and whose wasClean attribute is set to true if the connection closed cleanly, and false if otherwise. Yes

Event handlers

Event handler Event type Support
onopen open Yes
onmessage message Yes
onerror error Yes
onclose close Yes


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