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Opera Presto offers partial support for the CSS Mobile Profile 2.0 Candidate Recommendation. For your reference, each Selector, At-rule, and Property in the following support tables is hyperlinkd to its place in the online W3C CSS Mobile Profile 2.0 document.


Selector type Example Description Support
Universal selector * Matches any element. Yes
Type selectors E Matches any E element. Yes
Descendant selectors E F Matches any F element that is a descendant of an E element. Yes
Child selectors E > F Matches any F element that is a child of an element E. Yes
Link pseudo-classes E:link Matches element E if E is the source anchor of a hyperlink, unvisited by a user. Yes
Link pseudo-classes E:visited Matches element E if E is the source anchor of a hyperlink, visited by a user. Yes
Dynamic pseudo-classes E:active Matches element E if E is being activated by the user. Yes
Dynamic pseudo-classes E:focus Matches element E if E has the focus (accepts keyboard events or other forms of text input). Yes
Class selectors .warning Language specific. (In (X)HTML, matches elements whose class attribute contains a token with the same name.) Yes
ID selectors #myid Matches any element with an ID equal to "myid". Yes
Grouping E1, E2, E3 { ... } Matches a group of elements, which share the same style declarations. Yes


Rule Description Support
@charset Defines character encoding for the style sheet. Yes
@import Imports an external style sheet. Yes
@media Groups a set of style rules to apply only to one or more particular media. Only the handheld and all media types must be accepted and processed. Other media types may be accepted and processed as well. Yes
@namespace For declaring the default namespace and binding namespaces to namespace prefixes. Yes


Property Syntax (if different from CSS) Support
background-color Yes
background-image Yes
background-repeat Yes
background-attachment Yes
background-position top | center | bottom | left | right | inherit Yes
background Yes
border-top-width Yes
border-right-width Yes
border-bottom-width Yes
border-left-width Yes
border-width Yes
border-top-color Yes
border-right-color Yes
border-bottom-color Yes
border-left-color Yes
border-color Yes
border-top-style none | solid | dashed | dotted | inherit Yes
border-right-style none | solid | dashed | dotted | inherit Yes
border-bottom-style none | solid | dashed | dotted | inherit Yes
border-left-style none | solid | dashed | dotted | inherit Yes
border-style none | solid | dashed | dotted | inherit Yes
border-top Yes
border-right Yes
border-bottom Yes
border-left Yes
border Yes
bottom Yes
clear Yes
color Yes
display inline | block | list-item | none | inherit Yes
float Yes
font-family Yes
font-style Yes
font-variant Yes
font-weight Yes
font-size <absolute-size> | <relative-size> | inherit Yes
font Yes
height Yes
left Yes
list-style-type disc | circle | square | decimal | lower-roman | upper-roman | lower-alpha | upper-alpha | none | inherit Partial
list-style-image Yes
list-style Partial
margin-top Yes
margin-right Yes
margin-bottom Yes
margin-left Yes
margin Yes
(CSS3 Basic Box Model)
(CSS3 Basic Box Model)
(CSS3 Basic Box Model)
(CSS3 Basic Box Model)
max-height Yes
max-width Yes
min-height Yes
min-width Yes
outline-color Yes
outline-style none | solid | dashed | dotted | inherit Yes
outline-width Yes
outline Yes
(CSS3 Basic Box Model)
auto Yes
(CSS3 Basic Box Model)
marquee No
padding-top Yes
padding-right Yes
padding-bottom Yes
padding-left Yes
padding Yes
position Yes
right Yes
text-indent Yes
text-align Yes
text-decoration none | blink |underline | inherit Yes
text-transform Yes
top Yes
vertical-align top | middle | bottom | baseline | inherit Yes
visibility Yes
white-space Yes
width Yes
z-index Yes


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