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Opera Presto offers partial support for the CSS3 Background and Borders module as described in the following data tables. Please note that each property is hyperlinked to its place in the W3C CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders module.

Background properties support

Property Description Support
background-color Represents the background color of an element. The color is drawn behind any background images. Yes
background-image Represents the background image(s) of an element. Images are drawn with the first specified one on top (closest to the user) and each subsequent image behind the previous one. Multiple background images are now supported. Yes
background-repeat Represents how background images are tiled after they have been sized and positioned. Yes
background-attachment If background images are specified, this property specifies whether they are fixed with regard to the viewport (fixed) or scroll along with the element (scroll) or its contents (local). The property's value is given as a comma-separated list of <attachment> keywords. Yes
background-position If background images have been specified, this property specifies their initial position (after any resizing) within their corresponding background positioning area. Yes
background-clip Determines the background painting area. Yes
background-origin Represents elements rendered as a single box, and specifies the background positioning area. Yes
background-size Represents and specifies the size of background images. Yes
background Represents a shorthand property for setting most background properties at the same place in the style sheet. Yes

Border properties support

Property Description Support
border-color These properties set the foreground color of the border specified by the border-style properties. Border-color is a shorthand for the four border-*-color properties. The four values set the top, right, bottom, and left border, respectively. The properties are:
  • border-top-color
  • border-right-color
  • border-bottom-color
  • border-left-color
border-style These properties set the style of the border, unless there is a border image. Border-style is a shorthand for the other four. Its four values set the top, right, bottom and left border respectively. The properties are:
  • border-top-style
  • border-right-style
  • border-bottom-style
  • border-left-style
border-width These properties set the thickness of the border. They are:
  • border-top-width
  • border-right-width
  • border-bottom-width
  • border-left-width
border-radius The border-radius shorthand sets all four border-*-radius properties. They are:
  • border-top-right-radius
  • border-bottom-right-radius
  • border-bottom-left-radius
  • border-top-left-radius
border This is a shorthand property for setting the width, style, and color of the top, right, bottom, and left border of a box. Yes

Border images support

Property Description Support
border-image-source Specifies an image to use instead of the border styles given by the border-style properties and as an additional background layer for the element. No
border-image-slice Represents inward offsets from the top, right, bottom, and left edges of the image respectively, dividing it into nine regions: four corners, four edges and a middle. No
border-image-width Represents offsets that are used to divide the border image area into nine parts. They represent inward distances from the the top, right, bottom, and left sides of the area, respectively. No
border-image-outset Specifies the amount by which the border image area extends beyond the border box on the top, right, bottom, and left sides respectively. No
border-image-repeat Specifies how the images for the sides and the middle part of the border image are scaled and tiled. No
border-image This is a shorthand property for setting the following properties:
  • border-image-source
  • border-image-slice
  • border-image-width
  • border-image-outset
  • border-image-repeat
Note: Opera only supports the border-image shorthand property with the use of the -o- prefix.

Miscellaneous effects support

Property Description Support
box-decoration-break Represents that when a box is broken at a page break, column break, or, for inline elements, at a line break, the box-decoration-break property specifies whether individual boxes are treated as broken pieces of one continuous box, or whether each box is individually wrapped with the border and padding. For backgrounds it defines how the background positioning area is derived from these multiple boxes and how the element's background is drawn within them. Yes
box-shadow This property attaches one or more drop-shadows to the box. The property is a comma-separated list of shadows, each specified by 2-4 length values, an optional color, and an optional inset keyword. Yes


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