Graphics support in Opera Presto 2.7



Opera supports the OpenGL 2D/3D graphics API; see OpenGL API


Opera supports the Direct3D device driver interface (DDI); see Direct3D

<canvas> element

Opera supports the <canvas> element specification, including canvas shadows, which is currently a work in progress.

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

► Events

There is support for listening to any event in the svg module. Some events are not sent by core, for example: activate.


► Integration

Opera supports the following SVG inclusion types.

► Interoperability

Some content may fail to render if sent with the wrong MIME-type, or if the namespace declarations are missing.

► Painting

Support has been added for the buffered-rendering property; see section 11.10.5.

► Printing

SVG is output as a bitmap image to the printer.

► SVG fonts

Raster Graphics

Opera supports:


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