Legacy Encodings support in Opera Presto 2.4

Encoding Category Comments
ISO 8859-1 Latin
ISO 8859-2 Latin Used in Eastern Europe
ISO 8859-3 Latin Rare
ISO 8859-4 Latin Sami and Baltic country
ISO 8859-9 Latin Turkish
ISO 8859-10 Latin Inuit, Sami, and Icelandic
ISO 8859-13 Latin Rare
ISO 8859-14 Latin Celtic
ISO 8859-15 Latin Intended to supersede 8859-1
Windows-1250 Latin Used in Eastern Europe
Windows-1252 Latin
Windows-1254 Latin Turkish
Windows-1257 Latin Baltic
Windows-1258 Latin Vietnamese
VISCII Latin Vietnamese
IBM 866 Cyrillic
ISO 8859-5 Cyrillic
koi8-r Cyrillic
koi8-u Cyrillic Ukrainian version of koi8-r
Windows-1251 Cyrillic
ISO 8859-6 Arabic
Windows-1256 Arabic
ISO 8859-7 Greek
Windows-1253 Greek
ISO 8859-8 Hebrew
Windows-1255 Hebrew
ISO 8859-11 Thai Also known as TIS-620
Windows-874 Thai Extension of ISO 8859-11
utf-8 Unicode
utf-16 Unicode
Shift-JIS Japanese
ISO-2022-JP Japanese
EUC-JP Japanese
Big 5 Chinese
EUC-CN Chinese Also erroneously known as GB 2312
HZ-GB-2312 Chinese Primarily used in e-mail
EUC-TW Chinese
GBK Chinese EUC-CN extension
EUC-KR Korean


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