CSS3 Media Queries support in Opera Presto 2.4

See Media Queries: W3C Candidate Recommendation 15 September 2009

Opera supports CSS3 Media Queries with the exception of orientation. As stated by the W3C, syntactically, media features resemble CSS properties: they have names and accept certain values. There are, however, several important differences between properties and media features:

For example, the color media feature can form expressions without a value ((color)), or with a value ((min-color: 1)). This specification defines media features usable with visual and tactile devices. Similarly, media features can be defined for aural media types.

Media Query Support
aspect-ratio Yes
max-aspect-ratio Yes
min-aspect-ratio Yes
device-aspect-ratio Yes
max-device-aspect-ratio Yes
min-device-aspect-ratio Yes
color Yes
max-color Yes
min-color Yes
color-index Yes
max-color-index Yes
min-color-index Yes
device-height Yes
max-device-height Yes
min-device-height Yes
device-width Yes
max-device-width Yes
min-device-width Yes
grid Yes
height Yes
max-height Yes
min-height Yes
monochrome Yes
max-monochrome Yes
min-monochrome Yes
orientation No
resolution Yes
max-resolution Yes
min-resolution Yes
scan Yes
width Yes
max-width Yes
min-width Yes


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