CSS Transitions

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CSS Transitions
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Working Draft 2012-04-03
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As of the last update, the working draft was supported as follows:
  • Opera accepts the properties both as specifed and with a -o- or -webkit- vendor prefix. The prefixed properties are deprecated.
  • The TransitionEvent interface does not contain the pseudoElement field, and the initTransitionEvent method does not take pseudoElementArg.
  • Opera emits the transitionend event as specified, but if it is not handled, otransitionend will be attempted. If that is not handled either, webkitTransitionEnd will be fired.
  • Animatable properties

    Opera Presto offers partial support for animation properties as identified in the following table.

    Property Name Type Support
    background-color color Yes
    background-image only gradients No
    background-position percentage, length No
    border-bottom-color color No
    border-bottom-width length Yes
    border-color color No
    border-left-color color No
    border-left-width length Yes
    border-right-color color No
    border-right-width length Yes
    border-spacing length Yes
    border-top-color color No
    border-top-width length Yes
    border-width length Yes
    bottom length, percentage Yes
    color color Yes
    crop rectangle No
    font-size length, percentage Yes
    font-weight number Yes
    grid-* various No
    height length, percentage Yes
    left length, percentage Yes
    letter-spacing length Yes
    line-height number, length, percentage Yes
    margin-bottom length Yes
    margin-left length Yes
    margin-right length Yes
    margin-top length Yes
    max-height length, percentage Yes
    max-width length, percentage Yes
    min-height length, percentage Yes
    min-width length, percentage Yes
    opacity number Yes
    outline-color color Yes
    outline-offset integer Yes
    outline-width length Yes
    padding-bottom length Yes
    padding-left length Yes
    padding-right length Yes
    padding-top length Yes
    right length, percentage Yes
    text-indent length, percentage Yes
    text-shadow shadow Yes
    top length, percentage Yes
    vertical-align keywords, length, percentage Yes
    visibility visibility Yes
    width length, percentage Yes
    word-spacing length, percentage Yes
    z-index integer Yes
    zoom number No


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