CSS Transforms

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CSS Transforms
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Working Draft 2012-09-11
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As of the last update, the working draft was supported as follows:
  • Opera accepts the properties both as specifed and with a -o- or -webkit- vendor prefix. The prefixed properties are deprecated.
  • Opera supports only the Two Dimensional Subset defined in chapter 5.
  • The transform and transform-origin properties also apply to non-atomic inline elements. Each line box is transformed separately.
  • Percentages specified in the transform property refer to the initial containing block, unless the position property is absolute, in which case they refer to the containing block. (In the transform-origin property, percentages refer to the border box, as specified.)
  • The transform-origin property does not accept offsets; that is, only one or two values must be given.
  • Backgrounds on the root element cannot be transformed.
  • background-attachment: fixed behavior is undefined, rather than treated as if it had a value of scroll.
  • The SVG extensions specified in chapters 13 and 14 are not supported.


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