CSS Fonts Module Level 3

Current W3C reference:
CSS Fonts Module Level 3
Documentation last updated at:
Working Draft 2012-08-23
Support information:
As of the last update, the working draft was supported as described below:
  • The following properties are not supported:
    • font-stretch
    • font-size-adjust
    • font-synthesis
    • font-kerning
    • font-feature-settings
    • font-language-override
  • The font-variant property only supports values from CSS 2.1, that is normal or small-caps, and none of the properties whose names begin with font-variant- are supported.
  • Opera supports the @font-face rule, except the unicode-range, font-variant and font-feature-settings descriptors.
  • Opera supports the following font formats:
    • OpenType (OTF)
    • TrueType (TTF)
    • SVG fonts
    • Web Open Font Format (WOFF)
  • As defined in section 4.7 "Font loading guidelines", Opera will avoid a flash of unstyled text and delay rendering text until its fonts are downloaded, but will wait at most 5 seconds.
  • Opera does not enforce the same-origin restriction.
  • Opera matches its fonts using a different algorithm than specified in chapter 5: the first loadable font in the font-family property is tried; if it does not support a given character, that character is rendered using a the system font fallback procedure or the missing character glyph.
  • Opera does not support the @font-feature-values rule.


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