Opera: HTML5 Media Support in Opera Presto 2.11

Last update
May 7, 2012

The support tables below describe what Opera Presto is capable of at this time; however, actual support may vary between products.


HTMLVideoElement Support

Attribute Name Support
width Yes
height Yes
videoWidth Yes
videoHeight Yes
poster Yes

HTMLAudioElement Support

HTMLSourceElement Support

Attribute Name Support
src Yes
type Yes
media Yes

Media Elements Event Support

Events Support
loadstart Yes
progress Yes
suspend Yes
abort Yes
error Yes
emptied Yes
stalled No
loadedmetadata Yes
loadeddata Yes
canplay Yes
canplaythrough Yes
playing Yes
waiting Yes
seeking Yes
seeked Yes
ended Yes
durationchange Yes
timeupdate Yes
play Yes
pause Yes
ratechange Yes
volumechange Yes

MediaError Support

Attribute Name Support
code Yes

HTMLMediaElement Support

Attribute Name Support
error Yes
src Yes
currentSrc Yes
crossOrigin No
networkState Yes
preload Yes
buffered Yes
load Yes
canPlayType Yes
readyState Yes
seeking Yes
currentTime Yes
duration Yes
startDate No
paused Yes
defaultPlaybackRate Yes
playbackRate Yes
played No
seekable Yes
ended Yes
autoplay Yes
loop Yes
play Yes
pause Yes
mediaGroup No
controller No
controls Yes
volume Yes
muted Yes
defaultMuted Yes
videoTracks No
audioTracks No
textTracks No

TimeRanges Support

Attribute Name Support
length Yes
start Yes
end Yes

Presently Unsupported


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