Text and Internaltionalization support in Opera Presto 2.10

Unicode character set support in Opera Presto

Opera Presto can work with all the characters in the Unicode specification.

Opera Presto implements the following writing system related functionality improvements:

Opera Presto relies on the operating system to perform:

Opera Presto includes support for Unicode 5.2 character properties (class, casing, bidirectionality, mirroring, normalization) from 5.0.

Legacy encoding support

Although Opera Presto works with the Unicode character set and its character encodings of UTF-16 and UTF-8, most text on the Internet is encoded in legacy encodings, for instance:

Opera Presto handles this by detecting the character encoding used, and converting it to UTF-16. The user has three options for how to handle these pages.

Big5-HKSCS support for the HKSCS-2008 encoding standard has been updated.

Support for bidirectional text

Opera Presto supports bidirectional text as described in Unicode, HTML, and CSS.


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