CSS AT-rules support in Opera Presto 2.10

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W3C CSS 2.1 AT-rules
W3C CSS3 AT-rules
W3C Introduction to CSS3

Opera Presto offers support for CSS At-rules, as described in the following data table. At-rules start with an at-keyword, an "@" character, and followed immediately by an identifier (for example, @import, @page). An at-rule consists of everything up to and including the next semicolon (;) or the next block, whichever comes first.

The following table defines which CSS AT-rules are supported by Opera Presto.

At-rule Level Support
@charset CSS 2 Yes
@font-face CSS 3 Yes
@import CSS 1 Yes
@media CSS 2 Yes
@namespace CSS 3 Yes
@page CSS 2 Yes
@phonetic-alphabet CSS 3 No


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