XMLHttpRequest ("Ajax") Support in Opera

The XMLHttpRequest allows scripts to make requests to their originating server to provide for partial page updates and data exchange.

XMLHttpRequest support
onreadystatechange Yes -
readyState Yes -
open(method, url) Yes -
open(method, url, async) Yes -
open(method, url, async, user) Yes -
open(method, url, async, user, password) Yes -
setRequestHeader(header, value) Yes -
send() Yes -
send(in DOMString data) Yes -
send(in Document data) Yes -
abort() Yes -
getAllResponseHeaders() Yes -
getResponseHeader(header) Yes -
responseText Yes -
responseXML Yes -
status Yes -
statusText Yes -

Opera does not yet implement the EventTarget interface on XMLHttpRequest objects and some special cases of URI resolving are also done incorrectly. Opera actively participates in the W3C Web API responsible for the the XMLHttpRequest specification.


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