CSS support in Opera 7 for M1000

CSS Selectors

Selector Level WCSS Supported
Adjacent Sibling selector CSS 2 No Yes
Attribute and attribute selectors CSS 2 No Yes
Child selector CSS 2 No Yes
Class selectors CSS 1 Yes Yes
Descendant selectors CSS 1 Yes Yes
ID selectors CSS 1 Yes Yes
Universal Selector CSS 2 Yes Yes
Type selectors CSS 1 Yes Yes
:active CSS 1/2 Optional Yes
:after CSS 2 No Yes
:before CSS 2 No Yes
:first-child CSS 2 No Yes
:first-letter CSS 1 No Yes
:first-line CSS 1 No Yes
:focus CSS 2 Optional Yes
:hover CSS 2 No Yes
:lang() CSS 2 No No
:link CSS 1/2 Optional Yes
:visited CSS 1/2 Optional Yes

CSS Properties

Property Level WCSS Supported
azimuth CSS 2 No No
background CSS 1 Yes Yes
background-attachment CSS 1 Yes Yes
background-color CSS 1 Yes Yes
background-image CSS 1 Yes Yes
background-position CSS 1 Optional Yes
background-repeat CSS 1 Yes Yes
border CSS 1 Yes Yes
border-bottom CSS 1 Yes Yes
border-bottom-color CSS 1 Yes Yes
border-bottom-style CSS 1 Yes Yes
border-bottom-width CSS 1 Yes Yes
border-collapse CSS 2 No Yes
border-color CSS 1 Yes Yes
border-left CSS 1 Yes Yes
border-left-color CSS 1 Yes Yes
border-left-style CSS 1 Yes Yes
border-left-width CSS 1 Yes Yes
border-right CSS 1 Yes Yes
border-right-color CSS 1 Yes Yes
border-right-style CSS 1 Yes Yes
border-right-width CSS 1 Yes Yes
border-spacing CSS 2 No Yes
border-style CSS 1 Yes Yes
border-top CSS 1 Yes Yes
border-top-color CSS 1 Yes Yes
border-top-style CSS 1 Yes Yes
border-top-width CSS 1 Yes Yes
border-width CSS 1 Yes Yes
bottom CSS 2 No Yes
caption-side CSS 2 No Yes
clear CSS 1 Yes Yes
clip CSS 2 No Yes
color CSS 1 Yes Yes
content CSS 2 No Yes
counter-increment CSS 2 No Yes
counter-reset CSS 2 No Yes
cue CSS 2 No N/A
cue-after CSS 2 No N/A
cue-before CSS 2 No N/A
cursor CSS 2 No Yes
direction CSS 2 No No
display CSS 1/2 Partial Yes
elevation CSS 2 No No
empty-cells CSS 2 No Yes
float CSS 1 Yes Yes
font CSS 1 Yes Yes
font-family CSS 1 Yes Yes
font-size CSS 1 Yes Yes
font-size-adjust CSS 2 No No
font-stretch CSS 2 No No
font-style CSS 1 Yes Yes
font-variant CSS 1 Yes Yes
font-weight CSS 1 Yes Yes
height CSS 1 Yes Yes
left CSS 2 No Yes
letter-spacing CSS 1 No Yes
line-height CSS 1 No Yes
list-style CSS 1/2 Partial Partial
list-style-image CSS 1 Yes Yes
list-style-position CSS 1 Yes Yes
list-style-type CSS 1/2 Partial Partial
margin CSS 1 Optional Yes
margin-bottom CSS 1 Yes Yes
margin-left CSS 1 Yes Yes
margin-right CSS 1 Yes Yes
margin-top CSS 1 Yes Yes
marker-offset CSS 2 No No
marks CSS 2 No No
max-height CSS 2 No Yes
max-width CSS 2 No Yes
min-height CSS 2 No Yes
min-width CSS 2 No Yes
orphans CSS 2 No Yes
outline CSS 2 No Yes
outline-color CSS 2 No Yes
outline-style CSS 2 No Yes
outline-width CSS 2 No Yes
overflow CSS 2 No Yes
padding CSS 1 Optional Yes
padding-bottom CSS 1 Yes Yes
padding-left CSS 1 Yes Yes
padding-right CSS 1 Yes Yes
padding-top CSS 1 Yes Yes
page CSS 2 No No
page-break-after CSS 2 No Yes
page-break-before CSS 2 No Yes
page-break-inside CSS 2 No Yes
pause CSS 2 No N/A
pause-after CSS 2 No N/A
pause-before CSS 2 No N/A
pitch CSS 2 No N/A
pitch-range CSS 2 No N/A
play-during CSS 2 No N/A
position CSS 2 No Yes
quotes CSS 2 No Yes
richness CSS 2 No N/A
size CSS 2 No Yes
speak CSS 2 No N/A
speak-header CSS 2 No N/A
speak-numeral CSS 2 No N/A
speak-punctuation CSS 2 No N/A
speech-rate CSS 2 No N/A
stress CSS 2 No N/A
table-layout CSS 2 No Yes
text-align CSS 1 Yes* Yes
text-decoration CSS 1 Optional* Yes
text-indent CSS 1 Yes Yes
text-shadow CSS 2 No No
text-transform CSS 1 Yes Yes
top CSS 2 No Yes
unicode-bidi CSS 2 No No
vertical-align CSS 1 Yes Yes
visibility CSS 2 Yes* Yes
voice-family CSS 2 No N/A
volume CSS 2 No N/A
white-space CSS 1 Yes Yes
widows CSS 2 No Yes
width CSS 1 Yes Yes
word-spacing CSS 1 No Yes
z-index CSS 2 No Yes
-wap-accesskey No Yes Yes
-wap-input-format No Yes Yes
-wap-input-required No Yes Yes
-wap-marquee No Yes Yes
-wap-marquee-dir No Optional Yes
-wap-marquee-loop No Optional Yes
-wap-marquee-speed No Optional Yes
-wap-marquee-style No Optional Yes

When level is set to "CSS 1/2", the property was introduced with CSS Level 1, and extended with CSS Level 2.

Opera doesn't support the new list styles in CSS2 (e.g. Georgian or Hiragana). Neither are markers, visibility: collapse, or align: string supported.

CSS At-rules

At-rule Level WCSS Supported
@charset CSS 2 Yes Yes
@font-face CSS 2 No No
@import CSS 1 Yes Yes
@media CSS 2 Yes Yes
@page CSS 2 No Yes


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