Web everywhere

Today the Web is everywhere — in every part of the world and part of every aspect of life. The most exciting, next-level capabilities of technology are coming together with people’s everyday needs to create something that feels new and different but also trusted and familiar at the same time. In a word, the Web has never been more personal. No matter how, when or where you go online, the Web is key to all the things you want to do: socializing with friends, exploring and learning, expressing your creativity, or just having fun.

At Opera, we’ve been big believers in “one Web for all” from the beginning. Now we’re especially excited to watch that vision start to take off, from the smallest towns and villages to the biggest of the new global cities. And it’s not only the World Wide Web “out there” but the Web inside and close to home: on TV screens, mobile devices and the dashboards of cars. The power of the Web isn’t in the amount of information exchanged or even in the billions of users who are online today (and growing). It’s in the connections that are made between people, and the new ideas and opportunities that are created. Most of all, the Web is about participation.