Top 15 reasons to use Opera

  1. Tomorrow’s browser today

    Speed Dial, Page Zoom, Synchronize, tabs above Address Bar and many more. Opera’s features are often emulated by other browsers. Read below to see why we are often called the Research & Development center of the browser industry.

  2. Instant navigation

    With Mouse Gestures and extensive keyboard shortcuts, you will never need to click the back button again.

  3. It is FAST

    Opera invented fast browsing. We were fast before the other guys were even born. From day one speed has been a prime focus, something that is visible to anyone using Opera. This is not just about tests, but real life.

  4. Super safe

    An outstanding security record (according to Secunia) in addition to the included fraud and malware protection.

  5. Synchronize your life

    With Opera Link your PC, Mac and mobile browsers are all synced with bookmarks, notes and more.

  6. Tabbed browsing master

    Opera is the pioneer of tabbed browsing with features like undo closed tab and rearrange tab order.

  7. Speed Dial

    Another first from Opera--access your favorite Web sites with a thumbnail quick-dial. Opera lets YOU decide which sites should be there, unlike other browsers.

  8. Save tabs for later

    With sessions you can save different tabs for opening at another time.

  9. Zoom in & out

    Opera introduced this feature where you can zoom into Web pages to read small fonts and get a closer look at image details without straining your eyes.

  10. Fill forms & passwords

    With the Wand, you never have to retype your information.

  11. Unique & customizable

    Opera’s uniqueness lies in its personality and tradition which is obvious every time you use it. At the same time, you can customize it with hundreds of skins and configuration options.

  12. Look nowhere else

    Read your RSS feeds, download BitTorrent files and access your email--all from the browser.

  13. Opera runs on all (even older) hardware

    Opera believes that even your old computer deserves to continue being in use longer. Our goal is to run on up to 10 year old computers and on real world networks. Thus you will notice a significantly faster browsing experience on your old computer on a slow network, and Opera Turbo now makes it even faster.

  14. The Opera community

    More than 2 million members of the most helpful, fun and passionate community anywhere.

  15. It’s FREE!

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