Guide to using Opera Link

Opera Link allows you to share data between all your computers and devices that run the Opera browser. It can synchronize your browser information, such as bookmarks, Speed Dial, passwords, and notes, so they are available to you wherever you go.

This guide includes:

Note: With Opera's launch of browsers based on WebKit, Opera Link services are not yet supported in browsers version 14 and higher. We're working to improve syncronization and integrate it with out next generation of browsers. If you are on a new generation browser, you can use the Opera Link web interface to access you bookmarks and other data.

How to get started

What do you need to use Opera Link?

To use Opera Link, you need to use the Opera browser, and an Opera account. Opera accounts are also used for the My Opera community website, the developer site Dev.Opera, and Opera Unite.

Enabling Opera Link on a PC

  1. From the browser menu, select Synchronize Opera > Enable Synchronization.
  2. Log in with your Opera account username and password, or create an account by clicking I don't have an account.
  3. In the Options dialog, choose what kind of browser data you want to synchronize and click Next. You have now synchronized your browser data. Opera will continue to synchronize your data until you log out.
enable steps Mac

Enabling Opera Link on your mobile phone

  1. In Opera on your phone, go to Menu > Settings > Opera Link. For older versions of Opera, such as Opera Mini 4.3, on the start page, select Synchronize Opera.
  2. Log in with your Opera account username and password, or create one by completing your details. You have now synchronized your browser data. Opera will continue to synchronize your data until you log out.
enable steps phone

Note: The first time you enable Opera Link on your phone with Opera Mini, a unique folder is created in the bookmarks manager of your PC browser. Only the bookmarks in this Opera Mini folder will be synchronized with your phone. Add bookmarks you want to use on your phone to this folder by going to Menu > Bookmarks > Manage bookmarks on your PC browser. Any bookmarks you save while browsing with Opera Mini are automatically saved in this folder.

Accessing Opera Link data from the Web or other browsers

The web version of Opera Link allows you to access some of your synchronized data — bookmarks, Speed Dial, and notes — from any web browser. Go to and log in using your Opera account details.

Opera Link for developers

You can write your own applications that access your Opera Link data, or simply use an application written by others. See the reference documentation and the introductory article on Dev Opera for more information.

How Opera Link works

The first time you enable Opera Link, the Opera browser synchronizes the types of data you select to an online server. If you make any changes in your browser, these are then reflected on the server. Let's look at an example to see how this works.

  • You use the Opera browser at work, and you have bookmarks that you want to use when you're at home.
  • You enable Opera Link and select "bookmarks" as the data you want to synchronize.
  • When you get home, you start Opera on your home computer and enable Opera Link. The bookmarks saved on the online server are synchronized and merged with the bookmarks you already have on your home browser.

Synchronization occurs continuously. This means that if you delete a bookmark while at home, this bookmark will also be automatically deleted on the online server and, therefore, your work browser and any other instances of the browser that has Opera Link enabled using the same Opera account. The browser is kept exactly as you left it each time, wherever you are. However, as changes are applied to all instances of the browser, it's best not to think of Opera Link as way to keep a backup of your data.

The data you can synchronize depends on the browser product you use, as outlined in the table below.

Opera for desktop Opera Mobile* Opera Mini
Bookmarks Full Full Opera Mini folder
Passwords Full
Speed Dial Full Full Full
Notes Full
Typed browser history Full
Search engines Full Full Full
Content blocker rules Full

*Opera Link services are not yet supported on versions 14 and higher. You can still use the web interface to access any saved bookmarks, Speed Dial entries, or notes.

More information

Frequently-asked questions (FAQs)

Do I need to use Opera to use Opera Link?

In general, you need to use at least one Opera browser to use Opera Link. However, you can access Opera Link data from the Web using any other browser.

It may also be possible to use Opera Link with some other browsers if they have developed an extension using Opera's public API.

I forgot my Opera account password

If you have forgotten your password, you can go to lost password recovery page to request that a new password be sent to you.

How can I choose what to synchronize with Opera Link?

For Opera on your PC:

  1. From the menu, select Synchronize Opera > Configure.
  2. Choose what browser data you want to synchronize.

For Opera for phones:

Opera for phones will synchronize your bookmarks, Speed Dial, and search engines only, and you cannot select data types. For Opera Mini, only the bookmarks saved in the Opera Mini folder in the bookmarks manager of your PC browser will be synchronized.

Why can't I synchronize other browser data?

We work hard to ensure that Opera Link works seamlessly for each type of data offered for different device, as shown in the table above. In future versions of Opera, you may be able to synchronize more types of data. If you are not using the latest version of Opera, you might want to download it to ensure you have the latest options available.

I synchronized my bookmarks and suddenly got two of each. How can I fix it?

To remove bookmark duplicates, go to the web version of Opera Link at and log in using your Opera account details. On the bookmarks tab, below your list of bookmarks, click the option to "Remove my duplicates". In the Bookmark duplicate removal page, click the "Remove my duplicate bookmarks" button.

I just added a bookmark on my PC, but it doesn't show up in Opera on my phone. Why not?

There may be a few reasons:

  • Opera does not instantly synchronize your bookmarks when you modify them. It may take a few minutes before the changes in one browser are synchronized to the server. When you exit Opera, all changes will automatically be synchronized.
  • For Opera Mini, a unique Opera Mini folder is created in your bookmarks manager of your PC browser. Only the bookmarks you add to this folder are synchronized with Opera Mini.
  • Some phones may not be able to support a large number of bookmarks.

I accidentally lost some bookmarks. Can I go back to my old bookmark collection?

Opera creates a backup of your bookmarks file the first time you synchronize, which is called "bookmarks.adr.pre_sync". Follow the steps below to reinstate this file.

  1. Find the backup file in your Opera directory. If you are not sure where to find your directory, go to Menu > Help > About Opera. The location of your directory is listed under the Paths section.
  2. Close the browser.
  3. In your system files, go to your directory and rename the "bookmarks.adr.pre_sync" file to "bookmarks.adr", replacing the existing file.
  4. Start the browser again. Your original set of bookmarks should display.

How does Opera Link protect my privacy?

Opera does not share its users' private information. Opera generates statistics about the usage of Opera Link, but these are aggregated numbers so no information can be associated with an individual user. See Opera's Privacy Statement.

How are my passwords protected?

The password information that is synchronized using Opera Link is protected by your Opera account password. That means that you should have a good, strong password for your Opera account that you don't use for any other Internet service. We also let you know if your Opera account password is not strong enough and help you to improve it.

Other tips to protect your Opera account password:

  • Don't reveal your Opera password details to anyone else.
  • Only enter your Opera password on a clearly-identifiable Opera website.

Read more about Opera Link password security.

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