Opera Mirror Program

Opera relies on the help of registered download mirrors to make its software available to a wider public. Do you want to join up?

Mirror FAQ

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

What is a mirror?

Speaking in computer terms, a mirror site is an Internet location that replicates the file structure and content of another Internet location, usually for the purpose of making good software products available to the public for download.

Can any Internet site mirror Opera's browser files?

There are some specifications that must be agreed to first. Please see our specifications page for more details on Opera's mirroring criteria.

Do I have to manually keep our Opera file directories identical to Opera's own?

No, Opera's mirrors have been given special access to Opera's file server so their servers can automatically update each time Opera releases a new version of its browsers.

Can I ask who's mirroring for Opera now?

You can see a list of Operas current mirrors by accessing the download table to any given browser and reading the list provided. You can find out more about these sites by checking out our mirror list.

I've read the mirror specs and would like to sign up. How do I do that?

Opera has tried to make this process as simple as possible by providing a mirror registration form. Please fill it out so that Opera has the correct information on your Internet site.

After I've registered my site, how do I configure my hardware to begin mirroring Opera's files?

You will receive instructions via e-mail. Opera has personnel ready to help you with any details you'll need assistance on.

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