Changelog for Opera 6.0 for Windows Beta 1

What's new?

Opera version 6.0 is now available for download.

Opera 6.0 supports the Unicode Worldwide Character Standard, and comes with a new set of help files. Both single and multiple document interface (SDI/ MDI) are supported at start-up, and switching between document windows is made easier with the enhanced "Ctrl+Tab" feature. Hotlist panels can easily be added or edited. Hotclicking (i.e. double-, triple-, or quadruple-clicking a word, phrase, or paragraph) produces a pop-up menu with powerful tools such as searching, encyclopedia look-up, and translation. The new personal bar makes it even easier to organize and personalize bookmarks and searches. Opera's "Preferences" has been reorganized, and image display has been improved.

Opera 6.0 beta 1 for Windows has the following change log:

At first glance


User Interface


Speed and Memory Optimization



Read about keyboard navigation in Opera, or press [Ctrl+B], for a detailed list of shortcuts.

ECMAScript and JavaScript

Instant Messaging




Read more about the New features in Opera 6.0.


Opera Help

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