Changelog for Opera 5.x for Windows

What's new?

Opera 5 for Windows is free

Opera has entered the free browser market! The new sponsor-supported version offers users a USD39 value in return for having one single banner-ad in the browser interface. On installation, Opera defaults to the advertising mode. However, the ad will be removed if one registers Opera at a cost of 39 USD.

All users who have paid and registered their copy of either Opera 4.x or Opera 5.x for Windows are entitled to a free upgrade to Opera 5.12 for Windows. The old registration code is still valid.

New in Opera 5 is a powerful search capability, as well as an instant messaging client. In the search feature, users can easily migrate between the most popular search engines to search for terms, images, video, audio, stocks, books, help, and company information. The new integrated instant messaging client offers the possibility to chat with anyone using the ICQ instant messaging protocol.

Opera 5 also includes improvements to existing functionality and features:

At Opera we don't stop working on the browser just because it is "good enough" -- we believe in providing the best Internet experience!

Powerful features for the best Internet experience

Fast rendering of pages
Opera is the fastest full-featured browser on the market today.
Instant toggling of image and documents settings
For even faster browsing, images can be turned on or off with just the press of a key.
Easy keyboard navigation
Opera's easy keyboard shortcuts save time as well as benefit people with disabilities.
Multiple windows support
Inside Opera, users may browse in several windows at once, without straining system resources.
Zooming without loss of quality
Opera users can zoom in on a page up to a 1000 times without loosing anything in terms of resolution.
Small size
Opera is only a 2.19 MB download, so updating to the latest version available is always fast and easy. (Adding Java is a one-time 7.7 MB download.)
Integrated clients and utilities
Opera can handle news, your e-mail, direct searching, and instant messaging
Standards Compliant
Opera continues its commitment to the standards as laid out by the W3C. Opera 5 for Windows supports the following technologies: 128-bit encryption, TLS 1.0, SSL 2 and 3, CSS1 and CSS2, XML, HTML 4.01, HTTP 1.1, ECMAScript, JavaScript 1.3, limited new support for DOM/DHTML, and WAP/WML.
Built in plug-in support
Opera supports Netscape's API, making it easy for developers to migrate between the two platforms.

Sponsor mode with the users in mind

Opera's new sponsored mode is designed to provide users with the best possible advertising experience. Ads appear one at a time in the user interface, and their categories are easily modified in the "Advertising" section in Preferences. The goal is to offer advertising that users will want to see, akin to seeing for example only chocolate and car commercials on TV.

Opera Software has implemented strict guidelines to ensure that the ads are not unnecessarily distracting. Offensive ads, or ads containing sound, are not allowed.

Privacy Protection

At Opera Software, we take extra steps to protect the privacy of individual users. Users are not required to provide any up-front profiling information in order to receive the new Opera Web browser. Users will be asked to profile themselves on a purely voluntary basis. This data will only be used to offer more relevant advertising, and user's personal information will not be shared with advertisers.

Opera 5.12 for Windows

Opera version 5.12 is now available for download. The Java enabled version includes the newest Java 2 Runtime Environment, version 1.3.1.

Version 5.12 fixes some bugs, mainly in the e-mail client, and adds a few features. Note the option to search Opera's knowledge base directly, the Netscape e-mail import, and the possibility of sending a URL to Opera's e-mail client.

Opera 5.12 for Windows has the following changelog:


User Interface




Opera 5.11 for Windows

Opera version 5.11 is now available for download. Version 5.11 is an improvement on version 5.10 and has the following changelog:



User Interface


Opera 5.10 for Windows

Opera 5.10 incorporates functions such as even better support for HTML and CSS. Recommended update for surfing.

A short list of changes:


News and e-mail

File Transfer

Mouse support

Opera 5.02 for Windows

Opera 5.02 represents many small changes that make Opera more efficient and better handling than ever! Opera 5.02 for Windows is a recommended update, but does not contain major feature additions.

A short list of changes:

Memory Optimization


General Additions

Keyboard Shortcuts

Instant Messaging



File Transfer



Opera Help

Need help? Hit F1 anytime while using Opera to access our online help files, or go here.